Great Colors For Your Bathroom

Giving your bathroom a fresh splash of paint is always a welcome idea in your interior design. This would help in maintaining its appeal, atmosphere and personality. The question, however, remains: how do you exactly go over this? To be exact, what colors and accents are best for your bathroom?

Don’t worry! There are actually a lot of solutions to get around this problem. Below are several trending color options that you can choose from to give your bathroom an all-new and appealing look.

1. Pastels. If light colors are not working for you, you can also choose from a veritable selection of pastel colors. Colors like turquoise, orange and fiery red are great options as they are quite bold and would give of a cheerful atmosphere whenever you take a bath. If you want something more regal, colors like purple and lavender can give off that opulent and majestic look in any bathroom.


2. Neutral colors. If you are opting for something warm and vibrant, colors like beige, cream and taupe are your best options in the bathroom interior design. These color options are quite popular as they are quite easy to the eyes and would fit easily with any bathroom. On the other hand, it’s best to avoid white as this color just gives off that blank and sterile appearance.


For children’s bathrooms, light colors like sky blue and pink are best as it will sit well with their playful and imaginative mindset. Adding whimsical patterns and symbols like swirls and shells can even give a more unique vibe in the area.

3. Beach colors. Believe it or not, you can use your bathroom to escape into a warm and tropical area even if everything outside is winter. Colors like sky blue and flamingo pink are what you need as they evoke of a vibrant, summer-like atmosphere. If you want, you can also add deep blue and undersea green for that ocean-like atmosphere. Add to that several streaks of sand brown, and you have your very own beach at your living space.

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4. Deep shades. On the flip side, deep colors like blue and forest green give off a soothing atmosphere in interior design. This is because deep shades represent natural elements like leaves, water and the sky. In addition, these colors invoke tranquility, serenity and, of course, relaxation. Most spas, in fact, use these colors since it can help their customers relax.


5. Skin-friendly palettes. There are several color options, however, that can stand the test of time and you may never even have to replace them (as long as they are in perfect shape, of course). The key here is to apply colors that are flattering to skin tones, which can range from fleshy pink and brown. Warm colors like pink or peach are great ideas as they can pick up most skin tones and compliment them. Shades of bottle green and mustard yellow, however, are not best as they can make you look old or sickly. Giving your powder room a light shade of pink would work well especially if you apply makeup regularly.


There are still a lot of options that you could pick from when it comes to repainting your bathroom walls. The key lies in finding the right one that suits your tastes, purposes and expectations for your bathroom.

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