Good Looking Interiors: How To Achieve It?

Good Looking Interiors: How To Achieve It? – Every man/woman has a unique chemistry of his/her own body, choices, preferences, tastes, likes and dislikes and so is the level of comfort depending upon the specific type of interior design that one cherishes. It is a pure art to know yourself, identify your needs closely and then make up a surrounding of your own kind which is as unique as you are. The interior which gives you the best satisfaction to live in or work around.

Very few of us are born with this talent to recognize their need of ambience that suits them the best. In other cases some people require professionals, experts engaged in the field of interior design with skills tuned to the nuances of perfection, art and nature.

They discover ones style of life, day to day routine and the living habits and accordingly arrange a interior that is most compatible for them.


Almighty is the best interior decorator who always keeps us inspiring with his lovely creations, which we call ‘nature’. We all always like to make a little comfortable world within our own surroundings/premises. At all times we try to follow the basic rules of nature only, like the darker shades at the lower portions and light shades on the upper, heavy objects in the bottom and putting lighter ones in the upper part.

The interior design describes many facts about a person who relates to it. In other words, interior speaks its own language of art, style and life. A rich interior elevates our soul.

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Good Looking Interiors: How To Achieve It?

1. Light arrangement

Natural light should be used maximum in any space whether it is residential or commercial. Man-made lights should always be our second preference. Yellow lights are good for a space to be used for celebrations/festive happenings. White light is good for reading space, worship places, lawns, lobbies, verandas, rest rooms.

Blue color lights are best advisable for bedrooms. The direction of light should be in front-top of a reader in the reading room or the subject in question. In all cases the level of lighting equipments should be lower than any ceiling fan or major fitting which cuts the flow of light.


2. Free space

Free space is a must between the openings of different rooms and even inside also. It allows the free flow of positive energies in the premises and the cross-ventilation of fresh air, as well. The advisable direction to maintain a free space is either North-East or center of the total space. Free space is often called as breathing space also.

3. Openings for contact with environment

Sufficient number of main windows, ventilation windows and doors must be provided in any building or interior. It allows keeping us in touch with the free and fresh stock of air, energy and day light. Partial arrangements like blindfolds give a very special look to these openings while maintaining their role intact.


4. Use of wood

The use of wood in our homes and premises give us a feeling of being close to nature. It is much advised in the inner parts of the homes only, which are not much exposed to water/water usage. Natural colors of wood are always better, they never react with any kind of interiors.

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5. Floor choices

The choice of floor is an important matter which depends upon the usage of that part of floor. Wooden floor for the living rooms or home offices is very good owing to their appearance. However, glossy bright tiled or marble floors are advised for the spaces which are to be used for commercial activities and celebrations with very heavy usage.


6. Color relevance

Certain colors are good for particular directions. However, dark shades are advised in the bedrooms. Light shades are better for living rooms and study rooms. Red, yellow and orange are good for kitchen or the cooking space.

7. Wall area

Wall area should be treated well, where ever it is exposed to the use of water. Especially in the bathrooms, toilet and kitchen, application of ceramic tiles gives elegance and a clean environment. Walls can be decorated by using handmade tiles, hand-painted sceneries, handmade murals, ceramic tile sets and so many other similar options for good looking interiors.


8. Furniture

Furniture is a primary need for usage and comfort. Also it decorates your interior without a saying. Optimum furniture should be placed in any space specifically in accordance with the use of that particular space. Excessive furniture just consumes the positive energies flowing in the concerned space and create a good looking interior.

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