“Global Nomad”: Interior Design Trend 2018

“Global Nomad”: Interior Design Trend 2018 – ‘Global nomad’ – a meeting of tribal and traveler – will set the new direction in colors and materials: it means a lot of leather, feathers, baskets, worn timbers, recycled home accessories, earthy colors and textures, all in that soft monochromatic setting. Industrial elements such as concrete and metal are part of the global nomad toolkit, offering a contemporary, urban contrast to the more rustic features.


The key to this trend is to showcase a carefully curated mix of artefacts against a simple white backdrop, while textures such as rattan and concrete should be layered to add interest. Global nomad interior design uses whites in different shades, lighter, darker, clean, dusty, all mixed together. Patterns are inspired by India, Bali, Afghanistan, Laos and Thailand, Morocco, Spain and beyond, also all mixed together in perfect match.

Add a touch of beauty and elegance to your decor with beautifully hand carved rustic furniture. Furniture is made of different type of timbers, and handcrafted products are rich in culture and tradition. Furniture personifies the revival of the use of traditional designs and motifs in furniture and other products of contemporary use. Indian furniture in solid teak wood, rustic and beautifully textured is so earthy in feel and brings warmth to your living space.

This home trend is created with carved white-washed wood, round turned wood shapes, woven patterns in lampshades, baskets, and sisal rugs; embroidered and printed patterned textiles and pierced metal lanterns.





Beni Ourain rug








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