Glass Staircases Ideas

At this year’s Glasstec Fair a lot of visitors were impressed by the staircase made exclusively of glass, an impressive 8.5 metres long self-supported unit. Many exhibitors presented various technologies and types of hardware on how to build glass staircases with maximum transparency and great load-bearing capacity. some interesting links where you can find interesting technical information on glass staircases.

Mistral Staircase Design

These gorgeous wood and glass staircases by Siller are about as close as “interactive art” as you can get! Indeed you’ll feel like you’re scaling a sculpture as you make your way up the Mistral staircase design – a stylishly simple, barely there floating staircase. The minimalist design enhances every modern space with the clean, clear look of glass, which allows light and space to flow uninterrupted. Customizable to suit any space, large or small, these wood and glass staircases add instant chic to every home. Put a modern twist on your style and take it to the next level with the Mistral staircase.


Heavy Spiral Glass Stairs

Glass stairs are a creation of light and beauty. The lucent material opens dark stair wells or heavy spiral stairs into bright sculptural installations. Luminescent glass treads elevated by futuristic metal bring a contemporary charm. The glass stairs pictured laminate both of Berman’s floor patterns, Scala and Spruzzo, to create a unique and individual pattern. The fabulous organic and linear patterns provide a brilliant diffusion of light, while still maintaining privacy. All patterns are catalogued and can be reproduced, ensuring easy replacement at any later date. Available in a broad range of textures and colour and appropriate for interior and exterior use.

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Glass Stairs Connected By A Polymeric Material

For manufacture of glass used are glass staircases, manufactured on a multilayer technology gluing, otherwise-multiplex, or other words triplex.
Multiplex – two or more layers of glass, connected by a polymeric material. Intermediate layer of the polymer not only allows glass fragments disintegrate on impact, but, as a reinforcing element, lends strength to this connection.


Lightweight And Elegant Design Of Glass Staircases

The successful combination of imagination of the designer and advanced engineering solutions allow achieving sensory acuity with increasing volume of space. Lightweight and elegant design of glass staircases, for any height fit into the interior apartments, town houses, office or nightclubGlass is very avant-garde and exotic material for the brave and wealthy people. Courage them not that they will risk their life, moving on a transparent stairs, they are quite strong and reliable, and that such an unconventional material involves the same non-standard interior and its owner.


Staircase From Wood And Glass With Unique Design

Elegant Modern Staircase from wood and glass with unique design. This design for modern and unique stairs ideas by Staircase Siller. That is an Italian company founded to produce unique designs staircase contemporary glass, steel and wood. Its international brands are of the highest quality and exclusivity. Designer Christian Siller is the founder and is currently developing the project according to the needs of its customers.


Elegant Transparent Glass Stairs

Spiral Staircase Systems are leaders in bespoke contemporary stair design, building them from glass, acrylic, timber, stone and metal. Each and every stair is purpose designed for a specific site. Spiral has achieved a first, by building a spectacular Helical Stair from glass supported on a single tubular stringer, which makes the spiral stair extremely elegant, giving it a sculptural feel that is rare with domestic stairs. In order to support the toughened glass treads.

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Unique Spiral Staircase

Spiral designed a system of cast stainless steel brackets that not only perform the required structural task, but also keep the stair compliant with building regulations. Usually risers have to be added to the back of each tread to remove gaps greater than 100mm in diameter, however the cast supports also fulfilled this requirement. The SS 601 helical stair was designed as the key feature for a two-story conservatory in a Baronial hall. This is indeed a unique spiral staircase.


Beautiful Helical Stair With Glass Treads

A beautiful helical stair with glass treads, designed by Tjep. A Dutch architect. In this case the green of the glass matches perfectly with the Heineken brand color.


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