Glass Sinks For Modern Look Of Your Interior

The modern fad for interior design has led to all manner of everyday items receiving designer restyles, and many have taken on somewhat iconic status in recent years. Among the basic items to have been restyled for a modern look is the traditional sink, and not just in terms of shape and style, but in terms of materials, too.

No longer is the bathroom sink exclusively the reserve of ceramic materials, for the modern choice is to invest in a sink made from that most versatile of materials, namely glass. As we known, glass can be moulded into practically any shape during manufacture, and thus lends itself to many products as a result. It is not limited in colour, either, as it can e coloured at production, and the ability to strengthen glass also at the point of manufacture gives it very high potential as a material for utility products.


Glass sink is unique accessory you must have. These sinks are very suitable for people who want something striking, new, and custom. The beauty of glass sinks can make people who see them will breath away because amaze with their uniqueness. Glass bathroom sinks are popular choice for modern people nowadays. Bathroom sinks made from glass have moved the realm of design of the item into new areas, and the entire design of bathrooms and bathroom fitments has taken on a new lease of life.


The beauty of glass is in its versatility, and a wall mounted glass sink can be fitted so that it looks as though it is free standing, with no visible support underneath and a floating effect as a result.

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Glass and metal for a modern look

Additionally, when coupled with chrome or other metals, glass can take on another dimension altogether, and the ultimate in the modern bathroom look is for the glass sink to be set above a chrome or brushed metal plinth, giving an almost industrial, but uniquely beautiful effect.

Many think the most beautiful of glass sinks are those that take on a bowl shape, almost a half ball in appearance, and also the conical variety that begin as a wide circular bowl and taper down to a slim conical point.

Both of these designs can set off a modern bathroom with a futuristic look and take the design of the previously unnoticed room into the prime area of interior design.


A common way of utilising the glass bathroom sink is to use two of them together, side by side on a common plinth, for a ‘his and hers’ look that adds a pleasantly appealing and very new look to the modern bathroom, as well as added convenience.

Indeed, the convenience of the glass manufacture is one of the major appeals of the item as it is easy to keep clean and when done so, never fails to look fresh and new.

Glass sinks, while once the choice of those with particular wealth, are now firmly in the sights and affordability of the average =working man, and as such will make a viable addition to any beautiful bathroom.

Look for the right price and the right style – you will have a choice of many – and also consider the many coloured offerings on the market, and you may even decide to begin with the glass sink, and design your bathroom around it.

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