Glass Blocks In The Interior

Glass blocks in the interior – The desire for greater airiness and pleasant residential and business areas raised the question of how to be in a construction element achieve separation of rooms and transparency, which allows the passage of sunlight. The solution of this problem lies in a wall of glass blocks.

The glass blocks began to be used in 1960s as a transparent building material, but only for the outer walls. In the meantime, glass blocks began to be used in the interior giving to the space an unusual look. Previously, the blocks were built with mortar while today there are other technical solutions that offer block manufacturers.

glass prisms1

The glass block has a wide variety of colors and shapes of glass. There are colored blocks, which are due to its feature only suitable to be used in the interior, as well as those that have integrated silver thread to reflect 30 percent more light where it is needed (metallized glass blocks). Whether in color or transparent, each type can be sandblasted, which gives complete privacy and light space without prying eyes.

Glass blocks have the widest variety of applications in the interior. It is commonly used in making of showers, balcony railings, counters, glass partition walls and other colorful creations that often visually enrich the space. In the exterior they can be used in the development of elements of facades, partitions, skylights, and used as a floor tiles. Here are some suggestions for what can be used a glass block.



glass prisms3

glass prisms4


glass prisms2



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