Glamurous Pink Home Of Christina Aguirela

Christina Aguirela is indeed a very well known artist and up to now he still have a name. From career to detach his at this time of course he already had a lot of wealth. One of the virtues is a private home. No loss Christina has fought hard to build his career because he has been building luxury homes. This luxury home is for sale and costs $US13.5 million. This price only in terms of land and buildings, not including the furniture inside. Christina’s House is situated among the Aguirela residential luxury Beverly Hills. The house which is located in Los Angeles is a Mediterranean style mansion with so much personality that it defies belief. Inspiration for the interior seems to have come from Aguilera’s stint in Moulin Rouge. The beautiful chandeliers and heavy drapes in most rooms add to the extremely burlesque type decor.

This luxury home is filled with colourful pink and red, consists of 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and indoors this one appears to be the theme for the gothic. Inside the mansion, Christina Aguirela is a gymnastics facility, luxurious living room, family room, spa skin care room, swimming pool, and a playroom for children. Can’t forget Christina also shows the order of music studio space.

Each room in Christina’s house has a different theme and a variation of colours that make one feel like they’re stepping into a different era as they enter and exit each room. The kitchen area is primarily black and white and contrasting patterns on rugs and lamp shades make the room look very busy; like a kitchen should look.

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