Glamorous Living Room Furniture By Ivano Redaelli

Components for an ideal home that reflects the glamorous and the suggestions of Ivano Redaelli in every room, beds, upholstered chairs, cabinets, accessories, throws and pillows.

Ivano Redaelli is called the designer of clothing for homes. The cream of the society, influential politicians, pop idols and movie stars live surrounded with his pure lines and shapes. Luxury and glamour “from Redaelli” is in high demand in palaces and private residences, castles, yachts and luxury hotels in Venice, Florence and Miami.

A philosophy that can only start from the senses to find the individual, rich fabrics like cashmere, fur, embroidered suede, with inserts of the original fringe and feathers. Carpet and fabric coordinates, even for the table and the bathroom.

A range of sensations which finally denies the primacy of the eye: a private world, to imagine and design in its entire component, Details unique sartorial details, materials surprising. With interiors, Ivano Redaelli gives shape to a never ephemeral lifestyle that puts simplicity, precision and fullness of experience in a sensual continuity timeless, always present.

Bed has multilevel wooden structure, polyurethane stuffing combined with jersey, removable covering.





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