Giving Your Home A Cottage Feel

Giving Your Home A Cottage Feel – A country cottage style has grown in popularity recently. Many who love a cottage look add to their decor over a period of years, but you can start your transformation with a little time and imagination.

Begin by browsing through magazines featuring cottage home living. There are several variations on this theme, including beach cottage and shabby chic. Spending time looking at work by professional designers will help guide you as you figure out which type of cottage decor will best suit your taste and your home. In addition to considering the look you want, you should also take into account the feelings you want to evoke with your decorating.

Do you want the relaxed feel of being at the beach? Do you want to inspire memories of spending time and your grandmother’s country cottage?


No matter where you live, you can find enjoyment in cottage decor. Many city dwellers find cottage decorating particularly appealing. It means that they can return to their homes after a day at work in the hustle and bustle of the city and find themselves in a different world.

When selecting the paint color for your walls, find your inspiration from cottage life. Consider the colors you would see when spending time at a country cottage: white birch, bluebirds, and wild flowers and take your color palette from there.


Consider white washing or distressing some of your furniture. Distressing will give your furniture a weathered look that will lend itself perfectly to cottage decor. If you opt for white washing, it will help your room to take on a fresh, airy feel.

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To add punches of color throughout the room, purchase or make vibrant throw pillow and curtains. Select items that feature simple embroidery, floral patterns and vibrant colors. These allow you to add your personality to your interior-decorating scheme. There are many places to find bargain prices on items from curtains to towels including flea markets, second hand stores, yard and garage sales.


You may even find that your local college or art festival has some reasonable yet unique materials, which could be perfect for your space. Maybe you’ll even get lucky and end up with a collector’s piece if the artist becomes well known in the future.

Look out for antique needlepoint, lamps and old architectural pieces as these all add appeal. Finishing touches can be added by the growing of herbs in a container on your windowsill.


There are no hard and fast rules about what does and does not go in a room with a cottage theme. Again, there are many variations on this theme and the best way to find the style that best suits you is to browse through photos of what others have done.









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