Geometric Elements Interior Trend 2020

Geometric Elements Interior Trend 2020 – Geometric patterns and shapes rule today’s world of interior design. When combined with different geometric and other elements of home decor, such as floral patterns, they look unique in the best way. Geometric trend fits in Scandinavian, modern and minimalist styles perfectly. However, it can also be applied in more traditional interiors and look equally beautiful, but also surprising. Geometry does not necessarily imply symmetry, but symmetry can be a part of geometric motifs around the house.

Implementing geometric elements into an interior is what decor is for. Textiles are very important in home decor, as they can transform any interior enormously. Pillow covers are always excellent in setting the tone in any apartment. In case of adding geometric touches, patterned pillow covers will work wonders. The effect may be even better when geometric patterns are mixed with floral or abstract ones. Rugs, blankets and curtains are the next element of decor you can take one level up with geometric patterns.

A wonderful way to play around with the design of your living room is finding coffee table with geometric legs or with general geometric shape. What is more, the sconce or ceiling lampshades can be made of metallic geometrically shaped tubes, which is a popular solution in Scandinavian interior design style. Desk lamps, which are great to lighten up the space, may have shades in cubical or rectangular shape.

In bedroom, bedding can have geometric pattern as well. There are two options here: one, the bedding is patterned and additional pillows are another color or pattern; two, only the pillows are patterned and the bedding stays solid colored, or to add to the contrast, it can have abstract and curvy patterns.

Walls can remain neutral but it might be interesting to add geometric shapes on one wall of the interior by putting up wallpaper; stencil patterns also look beautiful. Moreover, the pattern can be metallic; there are numerous metallic paints in the stores. In bathroom especially, one can invest in geometric tiles and the results will be beyond spectacular and modern.

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Another element of home decor is wall art. Mirrors in geometric shapes are fantastic to hang in the hall, bathroom or anywhere you wish. Those can appear in a form of hexagon-shaped mirror tiles hung close to each other on the wall. Creating wall art gallery that is a mix of geometry and abstract or feminine lines is a great way to ensure your interior is not all about geometry (which can be overwhelming at times) but it’s an eclectic combination of different styles.

The key to incorporating home decor in an interior is always to do it subtly. If you love geometric accents, don’t add them everywhere but carefully choose where to apply it. The best option is what I mentioned often in the article: mixing geometric pattern with other patterns. Make sure that the colors and materials of geometric elements are diversified as well. Last but not least, enjoy the process and take your time.

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