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As with any home improvement project, when coming up with decking ideas you need to plan your job very carefully; decide what it will be used for, what you will put on it, what area you wish to cover and, most of all, whether you want it to be attached to your house or be free standing in another part of the garden. We know the deck of your house hardly counts when you talk about square meters and the like, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave it barren and unattended all year long. Does this sound familiar? Well, if you haven’t realized it yet, decks actually make your home feel more spacious than it actually is, especially if the decking is done in style. Instead of the usual setting for your weekend gatherings, gather the party together out on the deck. Frankly speaking, some of your neighbors may actually be bored by the look of your living room. Time for a change for that next social gathering!

Decks have lots of potential, especially if you happen to be someone whose idea of a good time consists of a barbecue and some booze! You can refer to your deck as your very own “barbecue barracks”. I made that quirky name up by myself, you’re free to make your own too, just don’t overdo it though. You might have your guests smirking in no time! This barbecue theme would do wonders for those lazy Saturday afternoons when you feel like showing off your Iron Chef charms by the grill. All you need to add to this setting are some sophisticated chairs, a nice table and friends who adore your grilling prowess and your wife’s margaritas, cheers!

If you have kids, then dress up your deck with fun and whimsical themes. Nothing beats the beach for inspiration on this one. Throw in a couple of comfy lounge chairs on your deck. Leave some space in the middle for a table and some chairs done in the ultimate beach theme of striped white and blue! For accessories, why not make use of items from your last beach trip? Nets, ropes, little sailboats, as well as swimming gear can hang loose from the sides to give it that summer appeal. Have you ever been to the Caribbean or a similar tropical destination? Why not hang flags of the tropical countries you’ve visited just so your neighbors can stare in envy? Just kidding! Keeping a pirate’s chest containing lots of beach stuff and some sand will surely hold your child’s attention while you make sure you don’t burn that barbecue!

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Not a certified beach bum? How about opting for a country theme for your deck space? You know what would work best for furniture? Barrels! You can remake them into chairs and tables. It’s easy to do! In making the barrel chairs, all you need to do is to cut the barrel’s top side in half, this will serve as the back of the chair while the remaining half will be nailed down so that you can sit on it in comfort. To complement this country style, add old soda bottles, tools and vintage road signs. Display your gardening skills with flowers hanging from every part of the roof!

Before you begin constructing your deck, you need to work out the size and site orientation first. You will then need to make sure that your site is properly prepared, otherwise unsightly weeds will begin to grow through in time, spoiling the effect:

– Mark out the proposed area with wooden pegs and string.
– Clear all weeds, turf and other debris from the site and compact the ground, leaving a gentle slope towards the outer edge of the deck for drainage.
– Lay a membrane cover to suppress the weeds and then cover with gravel.
– You are then ready to begin constructing your frame. You need to work out the finished level and build the deck accordingly – remember that the key to a good decking area is a good solid frame.
– Decide which way the final decking boards are going to run and then build the main joists of the frame in the opposite direction. The frame can be built directly onto the patio or can be built up using pillars.
– It is best to screw all boards into position to ensure a good, solid finish, which will last for many years.
– A reasonable gap should be left between each board to allow for drainage and expansion.
– Strengthen the basic frame with cross membranes for added strength.
– You can then paint your decking whatever colour you wish or simply enjoy its natural finish.

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Any theme you want to use would be fine, as long as your space represents your personality or that of your family. The only accessories you can’t do without would be a table and several chairs. If your deck happens to be limited in space, trade those large lounge chairs for slightly smaller items like a couple of Adirondacks. Add a few side tables as well. Entertaining for a large crowd? Place a huge picnic table right smack in the middle to bring out that holiday vibe. Make sure your theme allows you to display random mementos and unique items so that these little treasures can finally get some much-needed spotlight where else but your wonderfully decked out deck!






Garden Decking


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