Garden Buildings – The Basic Garden Sheds

Garden Buildings – The Basic Garden Sheds. Small buildings in the garden contribute greatly to efficiency and often to the garden’s charm as well. On the practical side, they provide shelter and essential storage space for garden equipment and furniture. Garden buildings make pleasant places for conversation, shelter and refreshment and can be excellent play spaces for children.

Visually they can contribute in an important way to the look of the garden, providing architectural balance to the house or to some other structure in the garden. Buildings of all kinds are potential focal points, used to draw the attention and provide interest and entertainment. Garden buildings can also be eyesores, of course.


The basic garden sheds

Reasonably priced sheds are available in kit form to put together at home. The smallest are large enough to hold garden tools, folding furniture and games equipment. The most basic garden sheds are not particularly pretty, but there are ways in which they can be hidden. It is surprising how often garden sheds are placed against a wall in the middle of a small garden, where you cannot avoid looking at them.

If the garden is not quite rectangular and has the odd awkward corner, this might be the very place to put a small shed. Tuck it away out of sight behind some sort of screen, perhaps a shrubbery or trellis with climbers trained on it.


Try to focus attention on some other interesting feature and away from the shed itself. It should be reached by a path so that is easy to get to, even in wet weather.

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There are many different sizes of garden shed available and the more robust ones can be converted into workrooms with extra windows put in. They do not make particularly attractive garden buildings from the outside but should not be difficult to camouflage with paint or conceal with shrubs and climbing plants.


Alternatives for small gardens

If your garden is very small and there is no room for a full-height shed, you can get seats-cum-storage units, large enough to hold implements such as spades, forks and trowels, small enough to place on the patio and attractive enough to hold their own with the regular patio furniture.


Brightening up a garden shed

There have been great steps forward in exterior paints in the last few years. You can paint almost anything now in paint that will withstand the weather and comes in an exciting range of colors, from wonderful sea greens and blues to old rose and sunflower yellow.

With these paints you can customize your garden shed by painting it in pale blue and white stripes, like a beach hut, for example, or in a really deep blue or green, perhaps outlining door and window frames in a different color.




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