Futuristic Architecture of Casa Son Vida

This amazing futuristic design luxury villa is located on the island of Mallorca. The villa called Casa Son Vida, a home renovation project to the Mediterranean, from a building in the 60’s. Casa Son Vida, villas created with futuristic styling, combined with some antique elements, have a surface that is so contrasting. Villa was incredible, having exterior and interior design full of artistic value. The design marks the arrival of a new generation of architecture to the island.

Located approximately 15 minutes outside of Palma de Mallorca in an exclusive community called Son Vida, the eponymously named Casa is an example of design poetry in motion. The 8,500 square foot luxury residence transgresses the constraints of site and context, redefining luxury architecture as it is typified by the traditional and prolific Mediterranean and Tuscan styles otherwise found on the island.

The first of six planned villas on the island, Casa Son Vida 1 is a hint of what is to come from Cosmopolitan. Standing as an expression of a new standard of progressive design that skews more futuristic than nostalgic, Casa Son Vida will capture the attention of the international design world with its sophistication and vitality, making Mallorca a new destination for those in search of design exploration and inspiration.

This act of defiance is accomplished by creating an entirely new structure that erupts unexpectedly from the walls of the existing Mediterranean home. The new structure evolves into a bold, curva- ceous shape that completely evades conventional definition. The idea is that the two pieces co-exist as separate entities, meeting abruptly and then quite literally turning away from each other. Their interaction suggests a chance encounter and speaks to the deliberate and bold juxtaposition of the two elements. The new structure could even be likened to a futuristic spacecraft that has quite literally landed on a typical Mallorcan villa.

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Amsterdam-based Marcel Wanders Studio was tapped for the interior design, marking the first full residential project for the international design phenom. With his trademark wit and style, Wanders appoints the interiors with signature furnisthings and refined finishes.

With a second villa just completed, two more about to break ground, and two more in development, Cosmopolitan is inspiring a design revolution on the island. Poised on the brink of a design renais- sance, Son Vida is on the way to establishing itself as an architecturally progressive community, put- ting Mallorca on the global design map for years to come.

Architects: tec Architecture
Interiors: Marcel Wanders Studio
Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Developer: Cosmopolitan Estates








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