Furniture Styles – The Simplest Furniture Fits Anywhere

Although people are always so pretentious about their home decoration sometimes they may choose some simple and practical items.These items can be some wonderful pieces of furniture which can make their interior look very warm and cozy and at the same time make their life easier.

It is also the case of some pieces of furniture designed and made in Netherlands by SlowWood called MUN collection. Many of them represent different types and various shapes of tables which can fit anywhere you please. The fantastic thing about them is that they are made of a solid wood with 100% natural finishes and mineral paint.

There is a table which has the shape of a tray. It is very spacious; you can put it in the living room or even a bedroom. Its interesting design makes of it a practical and very easily to move anywhere you please. As it is very spacious you may put on it anything you like from a teapot to a vase or magazine.Another model is a square table which can be perfect for the kitchen. It has a simple design and it is also very practical.

For your living room or any seating area you may choose a nice and cozy round table. You may put it near a sofa or in a corner of the room where some decorative or useful items will fit wonderfully on it. Finally there is also a nice and useful desk. It keeps the same simple design although its drawers and their top side make of it a practical home office desk.

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Wood keeps you connected with nature and the feeling for a simpler, slower life in this hurly burly world. Iron gives it a bit of industrial look and feel. The Mun collection has a family of models which all relate to each other, to be mixed at random for a personal result.


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