Fresh Flowers For Every Of Your Room

Fresh Flowers For Every Of Your Room – Whether you are having a party, decorating for a holiday, or simply adding a beautiful touch, keep in mind that floral arrangements should complement the décor and mood of the room. Remember, too, you don’t have to have a traditional arrangement just because you find it in a traditional location. Instead of one big center arrangement, you may want to try a series of vases and candles on a fabric runner for a stunning effect.

Another traditional location for fresh flowers is in the foyer or entrance way. What a great way to make a terrific first impression. Regardless of your style, flowers in the entryway can create the mood from the moment someone walks through your door.


Is your home formal? Try an elegant centerpiece or a piece of artwork on a pedestal draped with a garland and flowers. For a homier, friendlier look, place a basket with a garden bouquet on the entry table. No matter what your style, flowers can enhance your home.


Let’s not stop with tradition! Fresh flowers are so beautiful that they should not be relegated to the dining room and entryway alone. Why not brighten every room in your house? Let’s look at a few ideas to help you think outside the box.

1. Fresh flowers for the kitchen. Think beyond basil and oregano! Fill your kitchen window ledge with pots of herbs and sun-loving plants like kalanchoe, African violets, or primroses. A few well-placed gerbera daisies can help spice up your kitchen, too. The best part is that you can enjoy your mini-harvest every day.

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2. Fresh flowers for the bedroom. Add a touch of romance in your bedroom with a few beautiful stems that complement or accent the color of your linens or wallpaper. There is simply nothing like waking up to a delicate scent drifting from your nightstand. Tea roses, freesias, peonies, lilac and lilies, all have delicious fragrances.

3. Flowers in the guest bedroom. Welcome your guest with a bright floral addition. Visitors feel extra special with a bright bunch of cut flowers sitting pretty on the guest room nightstand.


4. Fresh flowers for the bathroom. Flowers in the bathroom? Why not! A simple plastic tumbler filled with fragrant blossoms makes an attractive air freshener. You can even add floating rose-petals in a bath to spoil a friend!

5. Bring the nature in your office. Any job is more enjoyable when the surroundings are cheerful and attractive, and what is more cheerful than cut flowers? Bring nature indoors and make yourself happier and healthier!


6. Flowers in the laundry room? Yes, even the laundry room can use a bit of sunshine. Rinse out an old bleach or detergent bottle, fill it with cut flowers and place it on your washing machine or shelf. It’ll help lighten the load on washday!

7. Fresh flowers for the staircase. Create a ‘stepped’ effect with a series of flowers in interesting containers.


There is nothing wrong with tradition – a big floral arrangement on the dining room table is always a welcomed addition to the décor of the room. Fresh flowers, however, don’t have to stay in the dining room. Be creative! Think unique! Put them in all your nooks and crannies! And yes, even put them in your bathroom! Simply buy some fresh flowers, take them home, and experiment. Anything that can hold water is a possibility for a flower arrangement: water pitchers, urns, pots, vases, watering cans, soda bottles, bowls, mugs…even a kid’s plastic cup!

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Once you have a few containers, the fun begins. Try filling a clear glass with flowers and fill with colored marbles. Create a cluster of different sized flower-filled bottles on a coffee table. Use bowls and shallow dishes for floating flower heads or petals and add floating candles for a bright and shining effect.


Mother Nature has created great beauty in flowers and you simply can’t go wrong. Develop your own personal style and taste by experimenting with different colors and types of flowers. Each week try a different look, color, or kind of flower.

The complementary colors of flowers can brighten any part of the house, from the kitchen to the family room to the bedroom. Expand your ideas to different areas throughout your home. The important thing is to have fun and enjoy.


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