French Up Your Kitchen!

A kitchen must be attractive, charming, unique and interesting instead of being dull, boring and monotonous. In order to enhance the appearance of a kitchen, one must try to get a decor for the kitchen that is high on style, design, elegance and beauty.

A good kitchen decor must necessarily go down pretty well with all kinds of kitchens. There are many types of decor styles that can be experimented with. A French style kitchen decor is one of the best decor options that can be implemented to give a great appeal and feel to the kitchen area. French kitchen necessarily have wooden chopping tables that are usually the central piece of furnishing in the kitchen. Since, wood is a tough material to take care of, practically speaking.

A French kitchen must have warm colors like white, cobalt blue etc. These colors must be used in an extremely liberal manner. These colors will add a lot elegance and creativity into the decor. To accentuate these factors tabletops and countertops with walnut laminates texture can be used. These laminates would ensure that the feeling of the country element along with the functional value of laminates blend together to provide a beautiful kitchen decor!


In a French kitchen, there must be a feeling of abundance and the furnishing must look used carrying the warmth and touch of age-old traditional cooking. Every inch in the kitchen space must look stocked and utilized with cupboards and cabinets installed, utensils hanging alongside the vacant walls etc.

Decorative tiles can be used and fixed above the cupboards. White and beige tiles would look amazing if as they would go well with the overall warm yet sophisticated theme of the kitchen. Stained, pickled, old, rustic cupboards when teamed with countertops with laminates would look amazing. Wood laminate designs can be explored to ensure countertop surfaces that do not need a lot of maintenance on your behalf but still provide the sought after French country feel!

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Last but not the least, make sure the kitchen has good amount of lighting. Yellow lights would work the best to maintain the French feel in the decor. Hanging lights from the ceiling can be a fabulous idea!

Use plants in colorful yet sober terracotta pots, home-made rugs, and sophisticated table-runners to make the kitchen space look nicely done up and cared for. These elements also add the much required personal touch to the kitchen which can be further enhanced by accessorizing the space using some family photographs framed beautifully.






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