French Toile Bedding

French Toile Bedding – If you are looking for a charming look for your bedroom, toile bedding is definitely something you want to consider.  While some see toile relaxing, cozy, and quaint, others consider it distinguished, dashing, and elegant.  Regardless of its broad appeal, this bedding speaks for itself, and if you’re not familiar with this French classic, keep reading and see why toile bedding sets and accessories can be great purchases for your home.

French toile bedding evolved from toile fabric, pronounced twahl, which gained popularity in 17th and 18th century France but which has been used in homes since at least the 1500s.  While toile fabric has a history all its own, its essential element, what classifies it as toile, is that it depicts history upon its very fabric. Toile bedding will have a solid background, usually white or off white, but not always, upon which scenese of the French countryside, a historical story or event, or oriental scenes or patterns are depicted in one color upon the simple, plain background.  Pastoral scenes and flower patterns are particularly popular, possibly being one reason many people associate toile bedding with a calm and refreshing feeling.  However, ornate Chinese patterns, flowing historic scenery, and majestic people and events can also adorn the likes of toile linen and bedding sets, providing those who desire to make a fashionable statement the opportunity to do so in their own way as well.  Scenes can be simple or complex, yet all are portrayed in a sophisticated way, providing an eloquent voice to those who enjoy beautiful bedding and who want to communicate their love of timeless imagery.

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You can find toile for master bedroom bedding sets, baby bedding, sheets, curtains, shams, and throw pillows, and on other items such as dishes, trays, wallpaper, and shower curtains.  Toile bathroom accessories in a master bedroom bath or a toile pitcher on a dresser can compliment a bedroom that has an antique bed, white bedroom furniture, or sleigh bed.  Toile colors can range from black and white toile bedding, to red, green, blue, or pink toile bedding, to name a few, so finding the color that makes your story or pattern fit your color preference is easy to do as well.
With its unique ability to visually tell a story and serve as a stunning reminder of life itself, toile bedding and accessories are wonderful choices for those seeking a charming look in their bedroom and even throughout their entire home.






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