French Interiors: Homes With Style And Tradition

French Interiors: Homes With Style And Tradition – French interiors give your house decor a nice richness and provide a relaxed ambience. The elaborate designs, interesting color patterns and a traditional touch collectively help you shape the French interior design.

French interiors are a representation of the beautiful landscapes of France. Home interiors that are done in keeping with the French style bring luxury, elegance and grandeur along with a lovely dash of rustic element in the space. If you want to get the countryside feel to the interiors of your house without losing out on style and sophistication quotient, then French interior design is the best option.

Whether it is the classy and intricate Rococo style, the Baroque period inspired designs or the classier and sleek designs of the Neo-Classic period, French interiors impart a refined grandeur to your home interior design.


Color scheme of the walls

The French style of home designing is not only about the rich artifacts of the vintage period, but also about creating a ‘Parisian look’. For this, you need to understand various aspects that will help you achieve the desired chic interior design. The walls require special attention and need to look grand, irrespective of the color pattern. For French style, you need to pattern your walls with interesting wallpaper designs likestripes, floral designs or motifs with underlying stories. If you plan to choose a soft and pale color like cream or grey, then do not forget to add a little bit of sheen with a hint of silver or gold to retain the lavish look. You can also go for darker shades like emerald green, purple, pink, peacock blue or red. Always maintain a proper coordination between the color patterns in order to achieve warmth and richness.

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French style furniture

For home interior design in French style, you need to select rustic and ornate furniture. Upholstered chairs with intricate carvings on the armrests, legs and backs are perfect. Cabinets, wardrobes, coffee tables and side tables with carved lines and arranged in a well planned layout give your home interior a new transformation. Furniture made of dark woods looks quite stunning and are apt for French interiors. However, you can also use furniture with black and white color patterns or furniture painted with softer shades of green.



One of the key elements of French interiors is the use of rich fabrics. The type of fabric that is closely interlinked with the French style is toile. In this fabric, interesting pictures are layered on a white or beige colored cloth. The images printed on them usually depict an ancient story or a scene from mythology. Other exquisite fabrics like laces, satin, silk, nets and velvets are used for curtains, upholstery, window coverings and lamp shades. Light free flowing fabrics are used more as draperies on bed posts or on window coverings. This gives elegance and grace to the overall design. A well-patterned and aptly matched fabric will work wonders for your home.

toile curtain fabric

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French flooring and accessories

French floorings are usually styled with dark woods. But you can also use light colored woods or paint the floor boards with a lighter shade to give a softer feel. If you wish to opt for carpeted floor, select carpet with baroque or floral patterns. Floor mats and rugs with traditional designs look more appropriate.

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French style home interiors can never be complete without the use of chandeliers that comprise of numerous crystal danglers. Vintage decorative like vases, pictures, clocks and unique art works accentuate the beauty and authenticity of French interiors.




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