Foyer Area Decorating Ideas

Foyer Area Decorating Ideas – The first thing anyone sees when they come over to visit you is the foyer area.  It provides your guest with a first impression of your home or office. Therefore, it becomes of greatest importance for you to decorate in such a way that your foyer looks warm and welcoming as well as impressive design wise. In this article you achieve the task by following our foyer area decorating ideas below. Go through them now and know how to decorate a foyer with your own sense of style.


How to decorate your foyer area with success?

First, you will need to clean up, prime and paint the foyer entryway with a natural color that blends well with the overall style and feel of your home. If your foyer is located where it is closed off from the rest of the house with closed doors or other barriers, you can experiment in terms of the new colors, decorative pattern, etc.


Next, you will need to come to a decision on the entryway furniture that you want to place in the entryway area. Some great examples are, a 3 drawer console table with a pair of tall slender lamps on either side, a round hall table with a vase in the center, or even an upholstered bench with storage for gloves and hats during the cool months. Another decorating option would be an old beautiful antique dresser or furniture chest of drawers, with intricate hand carvings, right in front of the entry door.


Adding a cozy touch to the overall home decor of the foyer can be as simple as a area rug or a color cordoning welcoming mat.  However, while buying an area rug, make sure that it is designed with a rubber lining. Undertake or place a separate rubber map under the rug, so there is no movement or skidding that could result in an accident.

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The first part of the basic plan or design for your foyer is mapped out. You have chosen the entryway furniture and placed the area rug with rubber pad at the doorway. Let us get to work  setting the entryway furniture in the space for circulation patterns of people walking through and overall beauty. In the case where your foyer space is limited because of its size, placing a small half moon console table or console chest against a side wall is a good idea. For a wider than 9′ foyer, always consider a decorative round table placed in the center of the room with ample circular around the table.


A little known design tip in foyer decoration is to consider ceiling and floor lighting. Make sure the whole entryway area is well-lit without any dark spots in the corners, so that people entering your home do not stumbling in at night because they cannot see. Because of this, hanging a correctly scaled ceiling chandelier in over the center table or centered in the room is the right choice.


Accessorizing with accent pieces, home decor, and lamps are a very important part of the of the foyer decorating, like any other area of your home. Think of favorite pictures you have or artwork for this purpose. When people come into your home remember this is what they get for a first impression.  If family is important, work in a picture of the family with a professionally matted and framed picture that works with everything else. Yet another option is a long slender decorative mirror, which will add to the overall feel and look of the foyer, as well as allows your guests to have one final glance at themselves, before their entrance.

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Bringing nature inside your home through the foyer furniture will act as a good transition from the outdoors to indoors decor. Apart from adorning the typical overall décor that everyone does, using flowers and potted plants and piece of furniture build with more outdoor characteristics would also make a good choice. So, go ahead and buy some potted houseplants for your foyer.





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