Fix All Bad Decorating Choices

It’s not your fault the carpet happens to be in the most ridiculous shade of pink. Your mom ordered it online and she’s hopelessly color-blind. And the fact that your bathroom floor is in this mossy green color, well your grandma had something to do with that too eh? What about the red floor? Well….the interior designer had issues! Excuses, excuses, excuses. Have you ever heard yourself go over these lines before? That’s because you’ve also had the misfortune of dealing with decorating disasters such as these. And although you can’t find anything more pathetic than your pink carpet, there are ways to turn this blooper into a blessing!

Firstly, any feature of your space no matter how distressing, often focuses heavily on the color, right? Instead of cursing it, why not work around that color? Make it work for your theme, not against it. For instance, having a blood red floor doesn’t have to look like a murder scene exposé. To complement this striking floor color, invest on accessories in black and white to capture that modern vibe. A black leather couch with striking ivory colored pieces will lend instant class to your living room…and it’s also because of that red floor you so dreaded! Now nobody will notice that it was a decorating disaster, they might even praise your decorating courage for choosing that bold color.


Now about that moss green bathroom, well there’s a solution for that too! Instead of hating bath times altogether, why not involve this tile color in your overall theme? Think about natural and calming combinations. Get a shower curtain that doesn’t clash with the tiles when it comes to color. You can add accessories in beige or tan and even some pale blue colors to depict scenes from nature. When you’re done, this tile color will be the star of your bathroom design instead of a total embarassment.

If you’re still ranting about your pathetic pink carpet, then here’s reason for you to give that rant a rest. It wouldn’t look half that bad if you added accessories in colors that complement rather than contrast with your carpet. How about adding a touch of yellow or a hint of green in the items you use? This way you would be able to balance out the solid pink color of the carpet with similarly calming colors in the furniture or the appliances. No one can ever tell that your pink carpet was actually a big mistake!

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And finally when you’re trying to incorporate a feature in a room, be sure you stick to colors that don’t exactly match but are comfortably in the same shade or hue. Other colors that offer variety and depth to a space works well too. Like the black couch with your red flooring. You can also make use of patterns like plaid or stripes to incorporate the color in other areas of your space. Remember, for each color you use, recreate it in at least three different times in a room. For instance, you can have red roses in a vase, some red in your patterned curtains and a splash of it on your throw pillows. Though they don’t come in the exact same shade, they will eventually fuse together as long as they are similarly red in shade. You don’t have to hate these unique features in your home. Go through each one’s potential and create a theme that centers on it! Your worst enemy might turn out to be your best friend!

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