Fireplaces With Style

The function of the fireplace in this century is just for the decoration, because now was created the new advance heater. Fireplace is the artistic building, because this building looking so elegant and can giving the classical atmosphere in our home, so now many the fireplace is change the function become the decorate furniture. Many the unique and the wonderful fireplace design to make our home looking beautiful. This is really the great furniture design to help us keep feel warm and to make our building looking so artistic and wonderful… And you could decorate with the most beautiful and elegant fireplaces for your home

The romance of fireplaces begins with the baronial stone splendors that created warmth in Europe’s Middles Ages. Recreate the old world fireside elegance of a French chateau or English country manor! These fireplace openings, hearths, mantels, and surrounds are all weighty in appearance and large in comparison to other fireplace styles.

Materials often used include antique stone or marble surrounds, cast stone, wood-paneled walls and ceilings, exposed beams. Floors often include natural or simulated stone, slate, or large-scale tiles. Dark-stained wood flooring is also characteristic of the old world style.


Resonances of styles from earlier periods have found their way in the contemporary fireplace design. Baroque, Georgian, Victorian, Art Deco are modern day interpretations based on fireplaces in the period style.


Neoclassicism swept through salons and sitting rooms in the 19th century. Inspired by Napoleonic and British influence passed down from ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. A classic look would feature formal fireplace with a combination of refined materials and graceful proportions.


Symmetrical arrangements of classic accessories and mantel items carry the look. Furniture demonstrating scrolling, Roman eagles, Greek lyres, and stylized Egyptian lotuses are fabrics used in Classical décor sometimes called Empire.

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Do you imagine a classic fireplace design only with chimney? The answer is no. Still, some people mistakenly that they can not have a fireplace because their homes or apartments do not have a chimney or smoke. Contemporary fireplaces system is patent pending cartridge that burn alcohol fuels. You do not need a gas line or chimney and no use of electricity. There is a real flame, but no smoke. For a fire, that the door lock security, patent-pending insert the cartridge into the holder and set fire to a match or open a long grill lighter. You get a nice golden light smoking takes about two hours. When the fire is out, you can recycle the cans. The system comes with a snuffer plate so you can shoot at any time.


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