Feng Shui: Using the Earth Element in the Living Room

Of the five elements that are a part of the feng shui doctrine, the earth element is often the easiest to represent in the living room. This is because things such as stone, mountains, and/or sand symbolize it, and you can use a very broad spectrum of items to represent this southwest/northeast bagua element.

Here are a few examples of how you can use items you already have to represent earth for optimalfeng shuiin your interior design.

Stones and Sand

Sand can be used to represent earth in paintings or prints, ceramic accents, indoor fountains or ocean landscape portraits. The best pairing of earth is with fire, so anything that utilizes both concepts will provide maximum positive chi flow. One example would be a beach portrait, with the sand being prominent in the picture and the sun playing a part as well.

Home stone decor pg

There are many ways to use stone, but the most common is likely for end tables or artwork. Stone can be somewhat expensive as a means of representing earth, but you can make some really interesting pieces using river rocks that you can collect yourself. They can be used to make creative picture frames or even as an edging for a wall hanging or candleholder.


As you can imagine, mountains are very simple to exhibit, with the wide variety of mountain posters and paintings available at many retailers. You can find many more online, with most of the world’s most famous and beautiful locations featured on an artist’s work somewhere. Mountains are one of the most popular earth elements to feature, since they are so beautiful and make excellent focal points in the living room.

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Handmade-Mountain-Mist-Landscape-Oil-Painting 2

If you have ever taken a picture of a mountain, you can easily enlarge it to create something to represent the earth element in your living room. The square shape is also symbolic of earth, so a square picture with a metal frame would be attractive and would maximize the chi as well. By combining several forms of the earth element, you only increase the positive chi for the interior.

Ceramic and Porcelain

Ceramics and porcelain are derived from the earth and can be featured in a vase, candleholder, artwork, or stoneware of another nature. Porcelain dolls are very popular among young women, and most adult women have at least one porcelain doll that they would like to feature in the living room. This gives any woman the chance to showcase something beautiful for a great reason.

DP Jane-Ellison-elegant-asian-style-living-room-blue-walls s4x3 lg

Finally, globes make an excellent representation of the earth element, as they are symbolic of the earth itself. Stone, ceramic, crystal, or porcelain globes are best, since they combine the benefits of multiple characterizations, but keep in mind that some of these can be very heavy so they should be placed where they will not need to be moved and they should be properly supported. In addition, because they could fall, keep children from climbing on or around them, to reduce the risk of injury.

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