Feng Shui Tips: Placing Candles In Living Space

Candles are the most stunning and striking decorative item that add great beauty and brilliance to the surroundings. But, if these candles are place in the context of Feng Shui or according to Feng Shui tips.

It affects a great and brings positive energy in any living or working place. Furthermore, placement of candles in every direction gives their own importance and profit in an individual’s life. Now let us discuss it detail:

North: Well, placing a candle in north direction in a room or a working place is good for career and livelihood

North-east: It is helpful for understanding and knowledge.

East: Placing candle in east signifies matters related to family and health.

South East: Money and prosperity are the main considerations if you place the candle in this direction.

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South: In case if you are placing a candle in the South direction, then it represents great fame and success.

South-west: It stands for good love and relationships.

West: If you are placing a candle in the western place of your house, then you are would be gifted with creativity.


North-west: To develop good friendship, it is an advice you to place the candle in the North-west.

Color: However, to bring balance and peace, keep it in the centre.


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