Feng Shui Tips For The Home Entrance

Feng Shui Tips For The Home Entrance – A positive feng shui home is said to bring good energy into your home that can result in the positive flow of money, health and love. Creating a home with positive feng shui can be achieved with just a few environmental changes. By implementing the below basic steps you can create more harmony in your home.

Feng shui tips for the front door. The front door is a great place to start and is highly regarded as one of the key indicators to a happy feng shui home. Basically, you want a clear path to your front door to allow the energy (chi) free access to your home.

To create this, you need to remove any rubbish from the front door to the street. This includes any pot plants, rubbish bins and shoes. Even if there’s a big, old tree in your front yard, if it’s blocking the flow of chi to your front door you need to remove it.


In addition to color, you can beef up your luck by intentionally cleaning and clearing the door and front porch, as well as the pathway to your front door. Clear any clutter or obstacles (toys, trash, blocking furniture). Remove any cobwebs. Fix peeling paint, broken doorbells and squeaky hinges.

Your front door may also need a paint. You want everything spruced up – this is one of the first things you see when you come home and you need it to be uplifting not depressing. Choosing a front door color isn’t as simple as ‘yellow for happy’. You need to know the direction your door faces. A simple compass phone app can help here.

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East facing. Wood or element colors like green and brown.

South facing. Red, yellow, purple, orange and pink/magenta. These need to be strong, vibrant colors in keeping with the fire element that the South direction represents.

West facing. Use white, grey or earth colors. White or grey represent the metal feng shui element and metal comes from earth.

North facing. Blue and black colors to represent the feng shui element of water.


Feng shui tips for the main entry of your home

You want to really think about the home from the position of the front door and the energy flowing into the home. Where does the energy go once it’s inside? Think of the energy like a beam of travelling light. You don’t want to bounce this back out or have it leave as quickly as it came in straight out a back door.

If you have a mirror opposite your front door this is going to deflect the energy back out of the home. Likewise, if your front door is directly opposite your back door the energy will flow right out. For really good feng shui, you want the energy to flow freely inside and shared amongst all the rooms in your home.


Upon opening your front door, positive chi can be created by a bold and vibrant rug, flowers or art.

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