Feng Shui Paintings Decoration

Feng Shui paintings include different aspects which reveal some special meanings like animal painting and symbolic paintings to name a few. These paintings can be positioned at various locations inside a home, as they help to achieve balance between the five elements. Most of the Feng Shui paintings include dragon as the animal which represents good luck. Similarly, these paintings also incorporate cranes representing longevity, frog with a golden coin its mouth revealing prosperity in business and even turtle for enhancing opulence. These paintings use different colors in order to characterize things like gold and red for symbolizing wealth and orange and peach for long life to name a few.

Metal Paints

Placing metal paints in home and office can help people to bring in good progress. For this purpose, people just need to locate a wealth corner in the room and position the paintings aptly so as to enhance the production. The paintings of oranges in a bowl bring progress in business and pictures including gold or silver color improve the flow of money in a drastic manner. These metals or metal painting should be positioned in the west or north-west direction.


Fire & Wood

Fame and recognition is usually associated with fire and the colors that correspond to fire are red and orange. Such paintings of fire should be specifically placed in the south direction. Growth and wealth are represented by wood paintings like green colored paintings positioned in the east or south-east direction bring in lot of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

Bringing in Prosperity

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Success in career and growth in professional life is symbolized by the flow of water, so incorporating the paintings of fountains, waterfalls and rivers can facilitate people to boost up their professional life.

Paintings of green landscapes and mountains including some earthy colors bring in harmony in family and strengthen the relationships, as the element earth corresponds to these two aspects.


It is just not selecting the right Feng Shui painting, but it is also important that these paintings should be placed in the right direction at a designated place with regards to the five elements of universe. When these paintings are placed in the right direction at a designated place, these paintings create positive energy and flush out all the negative energy, thereby bringing in good luck, prosperity, long life and wealth. If a person does not reflects upon placing the Feng Shui paintings aptly, then it can lead to several problems like loss of money, lack of peace, health problems and lots more.

Clearing Blocked Energies

Feng Shui Paintings are also used to purify space and remove all the negative vibrations and blocked energy. The five elements namely earth, metal, water, fire and wood when placed in their designated place in the home give way to a progressive circle which welcomes good luck, wealth and prosperity in the life of people. If all these elements are not placed in their designated locations, they can lead to a destructive cycle creating a lot of negative energy, thereby making the life complicated for people.


Feng Shui paintings are the source of creating positive energies at home or offices that can help people to bring in health, wealth and prosperity. By simply following these simple guidelines, people can construct a progressive cycle of five elements and enjoy living a joyful life.

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