Feng Shui Indoor Plants

Caring for house plants does not require a green thumb. In the practice of Feng Shui its purpose is to generate good chi. Indoor house plants are great for purifying air and bring fresh new chi into the home environment.

Houseplants are great for clearing the blocked and stagnant energies in the home. However, an unkempt house plant can stagnant the energies in the home and produce negative chi if the indoor house plant is not cared for adequately.

How To Care For Your Houseplant

Place your houseplant in a container that is visually aesthetic to you and your family. Do not place the houseplant in an old pot that reminds you of a difficult time in your past. If you desire, decorate your plant container.

Watering Your House Plants

Create a water ritual so you do not forget to water your house plants on a regularly basis. Often we either give too much or not enough water to our plants.

As you water your house plant, visualize the plant as strong and healthy and with every drop of water it becomes more vibrant.
Name Your Houseplant

Name your houseplants, as you personalize them you are more likely to give them more tender loving care.

Watch a child, if they name a plant they will say hi to it as they pass by it.

Purpose for Your Houseplant

Give a purpose to your houseplant. For example, make a plant responsible for bringing wealth and abundance into your home. An ideal plant for this is one that flowers. As you water the plant, visualize each flower or plant leaf as a thousand dollar bill or whatever denomination you desire. For the wealth to grow you must care for it and then let it be to grow into a vibrant and healthy plant.

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• wealth

• health

• career

• new job

• child

• travel to a new place

• school success

• self esteem

Your houseplant can have any purpose you wish. For example, as you watch your plant grow you watch your self esteem grow. With each new leaf you release your old negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones.

Top 10 Feng Shui House Plants
1. Bamboo

A plant that will grow in all lighting conditions in the home. They can be planted in soil or rocks and only need water to keep their roots wet. Excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

2. Palms (All Varieties)

Ideal for living rooms and to be used as dividers. Place in a decorative container and water when needed.
3. Rubber Plants

Round leaves are symbolic of good fortune.
4. Dracaena

This hardy plant looks great in any area of the home or office.
5. Ivy

Softens the harsh lines of a TV set or a bookcase.

6. Hanging Baskets

Choose plants with round and vibrant leaves. They are great to display in corners and at the front entrance of the home.
7. Ficus

Classified as one of the top 10 purifying plants by scientists at Nasa. This plant is able to assist in the removal of formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene and ammonia from the air.

8. Kitchen Herbs

Plant an assortment of herbs in a clay strawberry pot or hang them in hanging basket at eye level for easy picking. Herbs thrive in most climates and are easy to care for.

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9. Lavender

A houseplant that promotes peace and relaxation.
10. Fresh Flowers

Put a few dollars in your grocery budget for fresh flowers. Place inexpensive mums on the kitchen counter close to the stove. They last about 1-2 weeks because they are absorbing all the toxins from the stove in kitchen.

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