Feng Shui In Your Bedroom

We spend a big part of our life sleeping, so it is very important to have good feng shui for our bedroom. Believe it or not, your bedroom has an impact on the way you sleep and this is a significant factor in staying healthy, happy and accumulating wealth. We must make sure that our bedroom is a safe haven to prevent distracting and powerful chi from disturbing you. Here are 10 feng shui tips for your bedroom:

1. Ceiling beams in a bedroom is a big ‘no no’ for feng shui purpose as they disturb the flow of ch’i. They should be avoided in all the rooms but especially the bedroom. What will happen? They block the flow for energy to circulate and also cause financial problems.

2. Your bed should be comfortable, and the energy should flow smoothly throughout the room without any obstruction. It is not recommended to store anything under the bed so that the energy can circulate properly.


3. Choose a soft and gentle yin color that suits your energy so that you can rest well. Do not choose red paint for your bedroom because red is an energizing and you will not get proper rest if you sleep in there.

4. An unmade or messy bed is being considered as a form of clutter that reflects the difficulties and stress in your life, so be a good boy or girl and make the bed.


5. Your bedroom should never have a mirror that is in a position that faces the bed because it interferes with your sleep. Mirrors should not be placed behind your bed, at your feet or by the side of the bed. It is best to go mirror-less if possible.

6. Electromagnetic fields that are emitted from electronic equipment like television, radio and others can cause restlessness and discomfort, so remove them or plug out the power.

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7. The bed is the most important thing in your bedroom and you must be very concerned about this. You should choose a suitable size bed. The height of the bed should be as high as your knee height. You should not choose low bed close to the ground. Keep the under of the bed clean and airy. You should not place the bed facing directly to the door, also know as the “coffin position” and the bedhead not relying on the window.


8. Bathroom doors must be kept shut with the toilet lid down, unless you don’t mind flushing away good energy and prosperity.

9. Place two bedside tables (each with a lamp) to encourage equality.

10. Be careful of what you are hanging on the walls of your bedroom. You should choose gentle and soothing pictures for your bedroom. Do not display pictures that consists of violence and sadness.

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