Feng Shui: Home Decoration In The Year Of The Goat

Feng Shui advices for 2015: Home decoration in the year of the Goat – The goat in Chinese zodiac represent home and family. In the same time, it is a symbol of purity,art and beauty, so Feng Shui teachers recommend to keep your house immaculately clean this year.

Start with the entrance door. Make the lightning stronger, paint the walls in brighter colors and buy a new doormat – it will bring the good vibrations to your home.

Clean the home from negative energy using orange peel.


The element of the year is a wood, so Feng Shui suggests to avoid metal, as well as white, grey and black colors that represents it. If all your walls are white, it will be great if you paint only one room in a different color. Blue is an excellent choice for a bathroom, light green for a bedroom and the yellow is ideal for the kitchen.

Fresh flower, bamboo and indoor plants with big leaves are important details because they emphasize the energy of the wood and bring prosperity. In the north part of living room, which symbolizes well-being, it is recommended to put the aquarium with 8 golden Japanese Koi fishes and one black that will collect all negative energy.


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Money will be attracted by small bowl with coins, and, if you like Oriental details, next to the bowl put a small frog figurine. The love star is this year on North-West, so you will have a more luck in love if you put details in the shape of heart on that side of the house. It will be activated if you put a little golden ship or ceramic turtle next to it.

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