Famous Leaf House in Brazil

Mareines + Patalano Arquitetura create an impressive green architecture in Angra dos Reis, close to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, inspired by nature. The principles of architectural the leaf house designed by considering the way against the humid and hot climate in the area. Shaped design of giant leaf roof that isolate the building, protect from sun and as intermediaries open space. Impressive architectural of the leaf house has a maximum open space, as the essence of social space. Height of space varies from 3 to 9 meters, giving a good sea breeze circulation to every room. It is work as natural ventilation and passive cooling for enclosed and open spaces.

The leaf house space was created porch that almost fused with nature, five Brazil’s Indian’s style hammocks. They call it “lounge Brazil” are welcomed with a friendly nature. There are no boundaries between spaces in this house, there are only curtains in bedrooms and bathrooms. Management of natural resources and organic aesthetic, the house in harmony with nature brazilian.




Amazing Leaf House Mansion Mareines Patalano Arquitetura Brazil 14


Amazing Leaf House Mansion Mareines Patalano Arquitetura Brazil 17

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