Fall Decor Trend 2018: Woodland Home Style

Fall Decor Trend 2018: Woodland Home Style – As the colors of the landscape changes during the fall and the vibrant hues of changing leaves, that is the new look of your home this fall 2018 – a woodland home style! There are many wonderful home decorating ideas to incorporate during this fall season to greatly enrich your home décor. If your home decorating idea calls for a more drastic change to your home décor to usher in the fall season, buy slip covers in deep shades that imitate woodland, such as deep red, forest green or warm brown. The key colors for the fall 2018 are russet, plum and damson.

You may also want to consider having two sets of window treatments – one for spring and one for fall – for a more complete seasonal change. Window treatments for woodland decorating style should be plain and natural – nothing frilly or formal. You might think about using wood blinds, plain sheers or a simple valance.

Woodland home style

One way to bring a touch of fall indoors is to create simple wreaths and garland with grapevine, dried leaves, pinecones or greenery and berries. Dried flower arrangements also can play a huge role in bringing a touch of woodland indoors. Collect some of the forest fruits and nuts and place them in bowls, baskets or glass containers. They will enhance any room in your home and will look especially nice as a centerpiece for your dining table.

Add plenty of pillows, large and small, and a few plush throw blankets which are just right for reading a good book or snuggling up for an afternoon nap on a cool day. A really easy home decorating to incorporate into your woodland home style!

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If you want a modern and playful woodland home decor, then bring out decorative hare lamps into your bedroom or some sitting hare statues for the hallway/entry.

The actual lighting can take on all shapes, sizes, and forms of woodlands. The lighting should give an earthy and warm look that will enhance the beauty of the room. If you are looking for rustic woodland charm with a little more sophistication, try antler chandeliers – the perfect elements of nature. Chandeliers with pinecone shaped light holders or chandeliers designed to look as if leafs are hanging from the lights make attractive choices.


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