Ethnic Home Decor Guidelines

Ethnic Home Decor Guidelines – Ethnic decor is filled with endless options to spice up your living space. However, you may wonder, what is ethnic decor.

“Ethnic decor is more a feeling than a science,” says Marcelo Velez of the interior design firm Velez Hayes in New York City. “When you say modern, country, French, etc… an instant picture comes to mind. Ethnic decor is different. Many cannot define it, but know it when they see it.”

This open-ended approach is what makes ethnic decorating fun. It’s eclectic, inclusive, colorful and most of all, unique. It allows you to fill in blanks for yourself, using an internal palette to satisfy decorating needs.


Here are some ethnic home decor guidelines to get you started:

Pick a room to start. Thinking in terms of one room narrows your scope so the project doesn’t seem overwhelming, while also limiting cost as you feel your way into the project.


Decide which ethnicity you will focus on. African style is different from Middle Eastern is different from American Indian, etc. However, don’t be afraid to blend elements from several cultures. Again, that’s the fun of ethnic decor – the possibilities are endless.

Start with an object as the focal point and decorate around it: This can be an ethnic painting, a sculpture, a piece of furniture, etc. The bigger the better. Be careful, though, not to overwhelm your space.


Moroccan style table decor

Choose a color scheme. Ethnic decor is very festive, so think outside the box in terms of colors, patterns, surfaces. Soon, you will find yourself drawn to a few colors that work well together.

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If you like colorful interiors and patterns, then the Middle Eastern inspired trend is just right for you. It is very trendy in 2016. Ornamental patterns in striking colors have been translated and simplified for a modern take which will liven up any room. There are items available for kitchens as well as living rooms, tiles for bathrooms and cushions for bedrooms. If you’re looking to bring patterns into your home, then this is the way to go.

Listen to your likes and dislikes; your instincts: Many times, an object or color will ‘speak’ to you. And, if everyone insists that this painting doesn’t go with that rug, but you like it, go with it. The final product should make you the happiest.


Mediterranean bathroom with North African influences in home decor








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