Ethnic Fabrics Are Popular Interior Trend 2014

Bring a piece of Africa, South America or Asia into your home, because ethnic fabrics are huge interior trend 2014. Ethnic fabrics, upholstery and prints look like they will be a popular interior trend 2014. Adding a fresh pizazz to your home from far off exotic lands can break up boring bland interiors and if authentic, can be fantastic conversational pieces.

So if you see a cushion, print or covering which is oozing with culture this year; don’t shy away. Colorful ethnic fabrics combined with a variety of luxurious textures are all the rage. The clash of bold colors against delicate patterns is the top interior trend for 2014.

Ethnic fabrics as interior trend 2014 are sure to add a fresh pick-me-up to your home and give boring bland interiors a dash of bold character and interest. With ethnic prints and fabrics, homeowners can demonstrate worldliness while bringing a unique, tasteful look to a home’s interior. Ethnic fabrics bring elegance, sophistication and tranquility into any home.

How to incorporate ethnic fabrics into your home decor?

1. Traditional ethnic prints are so unique and detailed that they work as art when framed. You can use one large frame, but it would work just as well if you framed many coordinating patterns. This idea can be executed with wallpaper, too.

2. Use drapery and skirts. A quick way to bring the global trend into your home is with drapery or a skirted table. Blurred ikats are very nice. And drapery doesn’t have to be just for windows – even at an entrance to a room, it makes a grand statement.

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3. Add pillows or an ottoman. Add punch to your neutral sofa by throwing on some ethnic-patterned pillows.

4. Upholster a headboard. Do you have plain white sheets and bedding? Bring a bit of color and the tribal look into your bedroom by upholstering your headboard and tying the new pattern in with a throw pillow. Play on zig-zag shapes with a clean cut chevron striped drapery.












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