Essentials For A Beautiful And Usable Patio

Essentials For A Beautiful And Usable Patio – Have you ever envied someone else’s garden and you wished your house was blessed with an equally tempting looking outdoor scene? Well, you can stop wishing and head down to the nearest furniture store. It is not an impossible task turning your dull backyard, garden, pool or roof garden into a beautiful relaxing space. All you need is the right furniture. If you are thinking of a modem yet stylish outlook, the best type of furniture to go for is the teak furniture. You will see with the many choices available, forking out large sum of money to furnish the outdoor is no longer necessary.

Teak is a name so established in outdoor furnishing that it is effortlessly marketed to manufacturers and consumers. High in demand, teak furniture offers advantages that is unmatched by other types of outdoor furniture; one being its sturdiness.

The tall trunk of teak comes from the South East Asia. The wet and damp environment of old forest has given the wood the advantage of being adaptable to this type of weather. Therefore, teak wood is hardly one that would be damaged by water or develop splits. Having natural oils is also an advantage in a sense that teak scarcely needs polishing to keep it looking good. In terms of adapting to the urban world; teak wood is less likely to be affected by chemicals such as suntan lotion, body oil, pool or sea water.


When making a list of furniture to be added to your patio think of all the following patio furniture; such as teak chairs, tables, seating groups, hammocks, porch swings, Adirondack chairs and tables, picnic tables, bar and counter stools, kids stuff, wood, chaise lounges, rocking chairs and settees. For those who plan to do some serious sunbathing, you may also include lounge chairs and patio umbrellas. You actually have two options. You can go for the lounge chair or the cedar bench. The advantage of a lounge chair is that it has rear wheels that make it easy to move while a cedar bench is a beautiful piece of furniture that is practical and can enhance the aesthetical value of your patio. Another advantage of the cedar bench is that it is made from insect and weather-resistant western red cedar. This bench sometime comes with padded arm storage and 2” rot-resistant polyester. Patio umbrellas need no introduction in keeping us safe from the sun and the rain.

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Before you start, it is a good idea that you separate the patio from the lawn and you can do this by adding a trim around the patio. The spaces between the trim and the patio can be filled flowers. If you want to filled more plants and flowers, install a trellis. This way it can become home for the climbing plants. It is actually a good way to hide unfavorable sights in your garden. It is also good to opt for trellis made from cedar as it looks great and is rot resistant.

Besides flowers, it is good to place patio furniture in a way that invites conversation. A half circle is a good idea or a circle if you have enough furniture. A coffee table placed between two chairs will be beneficial while also adding to the look of the room. Potted plants arranged around the furniture will give add to the beauty while also making it feel more welcoming.

To fully enjoy your deck, patio, lawn, or garden, you need to furnish them with outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting is another great ‘extender’, permitting you to enjoy your outdoor spaces under the stars. By adding lighting to the area you can cause it to be more inviting for those relaxing moments before bedtime. This can easily be done by adding solar lighting to walkways and around the patio.

Watching the beauty of your flowers in the evening light is truly a wonder. You can have this if you have citronella candles to light up your outdoor area which can be positioned at tables and steps. It is also good to keep away mosquitoes. A heater is another good addition to further provide comfort to your patio.

The idea of outdoor heaters is that it will allow you to use the outdoor are in other colder seasons instead of using it during summer. It is such a waste to restrict your outdoor facility simply because of the unbearable temperature. Outdoor heaters are available in many sources today. You can find them from electrical, infrared to gas heaters. The electric or infrared heaters are much safer than the propane or natural gas heater. So have your beautiful patio equipped with heaters today so that you, your family and friends have all the more reason to enjoy your garden day and night spring through fall.

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