Enrich Your Home With Late Summer Flowers

It’s time to enrich your home with late summer flowers. There are a lot of flowers in bloom now that should not be forgotten. Lets take the chrysanthemums or roses. They have a lot of color and the blossoms are large and full. Bring some of these into the home or in the flower bed and enjoy the color. The kids are getting ready to go back to school and life is busy.

Take an old box that has been sitting around the house all summer and cover it with wrapping paper. This is a great place to put the school supplies to keep them organized. It brings a little joy into the room and helps you stay organized. The new book bag is also a great way to stay organized.

Fill it and place it in the mudroom or by the child’s bed. School is exciting and for parents it is fun and busy. As the weather changes and the crops are harvested, bring in the corn stalks and colored corn. Clean our the summer lilies and light colors.


Start to bring in the dark colors, red, burgundy, dusty pink, green and orange. It brings your home into the season. Then when Halloween comes into the picture, you are ready to bring in the decor and party fun. Every season can be enjoyable. The colors change and different flower bloom. The garden is producing and it is fun to place those ripe tomatoes into a dish on the table and enjoy them everyday. You start you canning and all the colors that come with it. Look at life like one big garden. It is always changing and growing.

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