Energy hidden in flower colors

Depending on what mood you want to achieve, select one of the floral arrangements:

Inspiration and motivation – Combine flowers of red, orange and fuchsia color. Red flower, which should dominate the arrangements, to motivate, give courage and strength. Orange and fuchsia boost enthusiasm. It is best to put a bouquet in a silver metal vase and place it in the mirror because the mirror reinforces the positive energy of flowers. Bouquet hold in the study.

Gratitude – This arrangement is made ​​of  low flowers in all shades of pink color, which symbolizes the openness of heart toward others. It is best to place the arrangement in a glass vase and placing it on the dresser in the living room or kitchen.

Love and romance – firmly tight (compressed) a bouquet of red flowers awakens feelings of passion and romance. A bouquet containing narcotic elements pink and peach will call a love and tenderness. Round vase, which you will put a bouquet, the perfect shape for lasting love, a perfect place for this flower arrangement is a mess.

For serenity, peace – Combine blue, purple and lavender flowers, because this combination brings serenity, clarity of thought and contributes to stress-relieving. Blue represents the sky and the ocean, and violet encourages spiritual energy. This arrangement is usually placed in the entrance of the house or apartment.

Wellnes deal – affects the balance of mind, body and spirit. The basis of this arrangement is a yellow flower, which is combined with elements of white (flowers) and green (or green flowers). -Yellow represents the sun as a source of life energy and health, contribute to our calm white and black balance. This arrangement put in an oval or round containers made ​​of clay, wood or bamboo. Wellness package is best to hold in the living room, so you will enhance any room for relaxation, meditation and family communication.

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For a new beginning – the basis of this arrangement are orange flowers that are combined with elements of white (flowers) and green (decorative papers). This arrangement encourages the joy, enthusiasm and excitement of a new beginning. White symbolizes purity and freshness, and black new opportunities and progress. This arrangement is best kept in a ceramic pot, set on the coffee table. Ceramic Vase provides terrestrial energy that says that “not only live in the clouds, but to be with both feet firmly on the ground.”

Arrangement for prosperity – to stimulate action, bringing prosperity and wealth. In this arrangement combine the color dark red flowers with golden elements, such as vase. Burgundy color is rich, golden color and good health and happiness. Putting this inspiring arrangement in place to welcome guests, or potential customers, giving support to your home.

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