Elton John’s Fabulous Modern Home in LA

Here is the interior of 3,000 square foot “chrome-and-glass palace” and wonderful place for living of the great Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish in Los Angeles. Its decoration dreamed up with the help of his designer friend Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Continue the review of the homes of celebrities, with which we can dream from which we can get ideas or to choose our personal furniture.

This unique home is full of art and a touch of disco; in the case of Elton John and his partner David Furnish, the chosen style is definitely inspired by the ’70s and beyond to include quality materials, artwork and rare pieces of classic design, shows the strong character of a successful eclecticism, made up of many well-blended colors and a very incisive personality.

Who likes to live in color and those who feel very strongly want to express a character, is free to be inspired by interior like this, quietly replacing materials such as platinum foil as the wallpaper or quilted with glass drops, with other less expensive materials, but still in effect.

03 sir elton john

02 sir elton john

05 sir elton john

06 sir elton john

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