Elegant Country Living – Winter By The Fireplace

Winter is the time to come inside from the cold, cozy with a book or even a particularly chilly evening, light a fire in the fireplace. In most homes, the fireplace is the focal point of the main living area. Not only does a fireplace or heat efficient wood burning stove brighten up your living room, but it provides solace, comfort, and refuge from the cold to you and your loved ones. So this month we are taking a look at elegant country living, which is the place many of us would like to be, as the temperature starts to drop.

Get your home ready for holiday parties by decorating the mantel with an elegant winter theme. Try clipping holiday cards from friends and family onto a piece of string and hanging it in front of your mantel with removable hooks. Reuse the apothecary jars that housed seashells in the summer and place a pillar candle in each one. Place fir tree branches along the top of your mantel along with pinecones for a classic winter look.

It seems that most fire mantelpieces tend to present classical themes. The Italian Renaissance style is certainly the most popular mantelpiece design today. These elegant decorative edifices are quite possibly the pinnacle of sophisticated interior design, with sumptuous curves and ornate styles. Cream and white colored marble fireplace mantelpieces give your room an especially classical look. As they enjoy the warm fire, your guests will certainly admire and appreciate your unique mantelpiece.

Some fireplace mantels are characterized by a sophisticated antique wood appearance. Wood designs, despite being less showy and intricate than the Italian Renaissance designs, are really effective at turning your house into a “home”. It has a certain rustic quality to it that is simultaneously subdued and classy, charming and earthy. Stone mantelpieces are characterized by their natural warmth and rustic personality, as well.

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If your living room is small, make it appear larger by hanging a large framed mirror over the mantel. Again, you can simply place it on the mantel and lean it up against the wall if you make sure that it is steady. Place some white medium sized pillar candles directly in front of the mirror in a row that spans the length of the mirror that will give a beautiful reflective effect when you light them. Place two identical vases on either side of the mirror which hold flowers or leaves that fan out far enough to just reflect in the mirror.

You can decorate your Christmas fireplace by decorating in icy shades of white, silver and blue. Drape a length of white or silver fabric along the top of your mantelpiece and decorate the top with Christmas decorations in icy colors. You can involve your kids to make snowflakes to be hung from the side.

Whatever your style, your mantel can reflect you and your family. Be creative and have fun.





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