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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design – Green kitchen cabinets made from eco-friendly bamboo are increasing in popularity around the globe. This material is from a highly sustainable resource. While homeowners should be aware that bamboo is in fact a grass and not a wood, it is surprisingly strong and durable and can last for many years. Bamboo will grow and mature in only seven years, compared to a tree which will take considerably longer.

Bamboo is available as a natural or scotch option, this means it comes in its natural light wood color or a darker color, depending on your overall design and preference. This is a highly durable material, so when you choose green kitchen cabinets, you know they will last for many years.


Modern bamboo kitchen cabinets

The advantage to green kitchen cabinets is they also come in a choice of grains, providing you with texture and design to your doors, creating a spectacular focal point to enhance your modern kitchen.

These are also available in slab or shaker designs, both of which will compliment a modern kitchen with ease. Slabs are the popular choice for modern kitchens with their sleek and smooth finish and clean edges. Shaker is more textured and stylish, they have a straight edged design, which appeals to a large number of homeowners looking to add a personal touch to their modern kitchen design.


Kitchen countertops made of eco-friendly material (wood)

Anyone wanting to add a modern look to a green kitchen, should start with bamboo for the cabinets and flooring. The environmentally sensible alternative to hardwood, bamboo is surprisingly durable and water-resistant. Because it’s such a durable material, it has been used for flooring for many years, only recently being introduced for cabinetry. Adding this to part of your space will already add that perfect finishing touch to your environmentally friendly renovation.

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To complement the wood used, it’s a good idea to choose granite countertops. Granite is stone and a good natural resource, which also provides your family with a beautiful finish to your eco-friendly kitchen design.


Kitchen remodel with horizontal grain bamboo cabinets – Marshall Architecture & Design

Remember when designing a modern space you want to make the most of the wall space available. Adding under counter and above counter cupboards with ensure you have ample storage space, reducing the clutter in your green kitchen.

These days cabinets are versatile, using even the smallest space with plenty of additional extras for inside, such as spice racks and cutlery holders. Be sure to use all the space available, providing yourself with a practical and functional space that is made to last.


Eco-friendly kitchen countertops by Cosentino

When ordering green kitchen cabinets are sure to only order from a reputable supplier with years of experience in the industry. Custom made cupboards will be an expensive option, but there are ready to assemble models available.

The ready to assemble models are modular, functional and easy to put together, making it a great weekend DIY project and helping you save money on your kitchen renovation.


Spacious kitchen with natural light coming from white-framed windows and large and floor-to-ceiling glass doors, Martin Moore & Company

Take your time when selecting the color of the doors, remember that you want it to enhance the space. If you have a spacious kitchen bursting with natural light, then the scotch options is advisable, which is a darker color to add texture to the space.

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If you have a smaller kitchen and need to make it look light and bright, then go with the natural color which is much lighter and will make the entire space feel clean and fresh.


Green kitchen cabinets by KraftMaid

Don’t compromise when choosing your cupboards, you want them to be made from the highest quality. While they may not be the most expensive options on the market, you want them to last for many years.

The biggest advantage to bamboo cabinets is that while they are made to last, they will look as good in ten years or more, blending in with your green kitchen cabinets design, even if you make changes at a later stage.

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