Eco-Friendly Home Decorating For Christmas Holiday

Eco-Friendly Home Decorating For Christmas Holiday – Many homeowners have prepped up their homes to match the Christmas holiday atmosphere. But in case you haven’t done yours yet because you’re still hiking of ways to decorate the eco-friendly way, here are some suggestions.

Christmas wreath

Evergreen plants like the leaves of the pine trees make the perfect Christmas wreaths for the season. They are ideal not only because it will spare you some amount, but also because it is eco-friendlier.


From the nearby areas where pine trees are grown, you can grab some leaves adequate to the desired size of your wreath. With the help of some wire, ribbon, and old cloth, you can start laying the leaves to create a circular form. Decorate it with ribbon and other Christmas ornaments which you can recycle from your old Christmas tree. If your budget can afford fresh poinsettias, these Christmas flowers are great additions to the wreath.


Real Christmas tree

It takes about $400 dollars to have a really desirable, fully lit, and well-decorated faux Christmas tree from a nearby home décor store. Although they seem nice and can be reused for some years, the carbon foot print in homes where they are used tend to increase because of the plastic material. Veer away from the usual by using a real Christmas tree. Although the price won’t generally differ much when accessories are purchased too, the joy it will bring to your child will be a priceless treasure. When possible, purchase from a nearby Christmas tree farmland to reduce your vehicle’s gas emission.

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christmas-tree-natural1 tree-christmas

Recycled lanterns

Christmas lanterns are among the most used decors during this festive season. They vary in sizes, shapes, colors, and materials used. How about letting your creative part do the job of making your personalized lantern? There are a lot of materials to choose from – most of which are junks like plastic bottles, damaged CDs and DVDs, and even used plastic forks and spoons. Using these materials will lessen the clutter in your home and will likely reduce the pile of garbage in your local landfill.

christmas-decor christmas-decor1

While Christmas doesn’t necessarily dictate to decorate your home luxuriously, it still is one of the best practices that can remind of the season of love, care, and sharing. And with the use of eco-friendly home decorating like the ones discussed above, you are actually showing your love and care for nature and you share the efforts of having greener homes.


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