Easy Ways to Modernise Your Home

Not everyone gets the chance to update the home’s décor as soon as they move in. That may be because of the mistaken belief that you must tackle everything all at once and have the budget for it too. In reality, it’s your home and you’re free to create an individual project out of each room to modernise it. Then you can take your time completing each project in turn, so you don’t get overwhelmed during the whole process.

If you’re looking for some easy ways to update your home, read on!

Shield Your Home from the Early Morning Sun

Depending on which way a certain room is facing, you can receive more early morning sun than you’d prefer.Yes, you should open the curtains fully to jump into the start of your day. However, the blinding light can sometimes make the room uncomfortably bright and create glare on your TV screen.

What’s needed in this case is a set of thermal blinds. These have a pleated blind design that looks completely natural but possess hidden talents. There’s foil that reflects heat back outwards included within this Dawn Blackout Pleated Blind style from DotcomBlinds. This is great for reducing the heat that enters the room.

This is also a great way to refresh the colours in your home and create a more minimalist style without having to spend too much money. They’re very easy to install and you can mix and match the colours between windows if you want to create a unique look in your home.

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Moulding for Enhanced Decoration

If you’re hankering after some elegance and style to go along with painted walls, you might want to consider corner mouldings. Using moulding that has a pleasing level of detail, it can cap columns, walls or even furniture. Unadorned, sparse walls can be given some visual enhancement to distract from their plainness until some attractive paintings or other artwork can be installed there.

By using mouldings on the walls, it gives them a more finished appearance. They also look majestic and the ceiling will look a bit taller than it really is.

Paint the Bathroom Taps

The taps in the bathroom sustain some wear over the years. This leads to them having chips off their coating or paint that was present when they were first purchased and installed with the washbasin.

When repainting bathroom taps, most bathroom taps need a primer first. This will help keep the paint in place. Add some painter’s tape around each tap to avoid getting the washbasin bathed in paint too. Also, rather than adding just a couple of coats and thinking that’s enough; use a good primer first and then three coats of paint. The paint will likely take at least two days to dry and maybe even three.

A quick tip: Use acotton bud to access the tough to reach spots. Dap it over the area to paint it. Remember to use primer there and to paint those areas three times using this method too.

Completing decorations and not forgetting to add some little niceties such as wall mouldings does a lot to enhance what’s already there. It also adds a personal touch which is much needed in some homes that don’t include the character or personality of the owner in them.

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