Easy Home Updates For The Fall Season

Easy Home Updates For The Fall Season – As the days get shorter and cooler we tend to want to “cozy up” our rooms so they feel warmer to us. The “light and breezy” style we enjoyed for the warm summer months served its purpose and now it’s time to transition to a “warm and cozy” style for fall and winter. In this article you can read some useful ideas for an easy home updates for the fall season…

Seasonal changes need not be complicated or costly! There are a few tricks that will create that warm and cozy feeling in your home without breaking the bank. The main thing to remember is to look for elements that suit your style tastes and budget and then put a little thought and effort into transforming a few key areas.

Fall season home updates

You want to always begin with the first impression spots, the outside entry and the inside entryway. Then move on to create a few “warm focal points”. Pick 3 to 5 highly visible places in your home where you can create little fall vignettes. Areas to consider for “warm focal points”: dining room table, side table, fireplace mantel, coffee table, stairway or landing, kitchen island, the top of cabinets or armoires, or a bathroom vanity. These areas can be quickly and easily updated with each season assuring that your home always feels fresh, warm and welcoming for you and your guests.

We believe that your home should be put together in such a way that it makes you smile, feels like a big warm hug and is a true reflection of your unique sense of style. Keep those thoughts in mind as you go about “feathering your nest” and you will always feel at home in your home.

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Ideas for an easy home updates for the fall season

Patio and garden

– Place seasonal flowers in urns or pots along your walkway or in a cluster to the side of the door
– Spray paint branches metallic bronze and gold and anchor in an urn with sand and/or stones covered with leaves
– Place an oversized decorative wreath or swag on, above or beside your front door

Inside the house

– Fill a few bowls, baskets or, one of my favorites, vintage silver trays with seasonal elements such as pinecones, nuts, cinnamon sticks, silk leaves, fall ornaments, gourds, mini pumpkins or seasonal fruits and place them on an entryway table, a bathroom vanity or a coffee table
– Add a few extra lamps around your home to fill your home with light as the daylight gets shorter
– Up the wattage: put higher wattage bulbs in several of your lamps for a brighter glow during this chilly season

– Toss a cozy throw on your sofa or chair to snuggle up in on those frosty evenings or early mornings
– Add a few accessories in deeper shades of the colors you already use in your fall decor
– In the bedroom, dress your bed in heavier, richer colored bedding and flannel sheets
– Change out some of your pillows with richer fabrics such as chenille, wool, corduroy and tapestry

– Pop an animal print pillow or two onto a sofa or chair
– Warm metallics can really add a cozy and elegant touch to a room; look for bronze and gold accessories such as candlesticks
– Remember to add a few seasonally scented candles and bowls of potpourri around to further enhance the senses.

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Remember to enjoy the process of creating a warm and welcoming home for the fall season… your home is after all, your heaven, a place to renew, refresh and rejuvenate… a safe place that nurtures and nourishes you and your family.


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