Drones in Real Estate: Can Aerial Views Help Sell a House?

Good quality photographs are really important to increase the chances of getting your property listed at the top. High-quality images help to show your property’s features and beauty to your buyer in a much more illustrative way. They can view the location and setting of your property and it makes it easier for them to decide whether they want to go for the buy or not. Thanks to new technology in the market, photography for your property can be even more creative now with aerial photography. Drones for aerial photography techniques can help take your property listings to much better places. But before you venture into getting yourself a drone photography package for your real estate, here are a few things you must know.

What are drones or aerial photography?

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are powered by a remote controller. First developed for the military, drones have found their way into the mainstream industry because of their reliability, efficiency, and easy-to-use interface. It is used in a number of industries including the photography industry. It has been a reward to photographers giving them birds-eye views of events, objects, and locations, allowing them to take photographs that could not have been taken with a normal DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Real estate photography with drones

Drones can be used to take images or videos of a real estate property as well. The drone is operated using a remote and a screen is connected with the camera on the device allowing the pilot to view the images as they capture photos or videos. The quality of the images and the height to which the drone can fly greatly varies from model to model. However, drones should not be underestimated for the quality of photos they can take. Modern photography drones come with high quality 4K cameras that can take quality eye-catching photos. In the past, if you wanted to take aerial shots of your property you would have had to hire a helicopter to do the job. But with drones in the market now, it can be done more efficiently and at a cheaper price.

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How can aerial photography help you

It is very hard to capture all details of land with standard photography techniques. Everything just cannot fit in one frame, you can only take photographs from one angle, that is the front, sides, or backside of your property. But with aerial photography, pictures or footage can be taken of all the other features that might get lost. These photos help to give as much information as possible to the buyer which increases the chances for you to sell your property faster. Other than that, aerial photography helps show parts of your house that might not be possible with a standard photography package. For example, the condition of your roof or the number of trees you have on your property, or maybe the shape of your swimming pool. All of it can be presented in a much better way. Aerial photography also helps to show the buyers how large your property is or what is the actual shape of your land. It can also show where your land is situated and how the neighborhood looks like. If you have any notable landmarks around your property, aerial photography can help show how close your land is positioned to it or how the view looks like. This is a great marketing tactic for landowners and can get them, buyers, pretty easily as it helps buyers to feel the property.

Things to know before getting an aerial photographer

You can surely buy a drone for yourself and try to get photos of your estate to sell them online. But you wouldn’t know exactly what kind of photos would attract buyers. Plus drones require special clearances to fly in some places, especially if you are around any government building or the airport. Without these clearances, you can get fined for trying to fly a drone to capture images. It is best to hire a real estate drone photography professional for the job. Drone photography packages range from $200 – $500 and are provided by most top real estate brokers. The price depends on the number of images that will be taken and also the size of your property. Before you get yourself a drone photography service, it is very important that you make sure the company has professionals that can do good drone video editing and have high-quality end products. You can choose to view samples of their old projects which might help you to make a decision. Also, do make sure that the company providing the services are licensed and insured so that you don’t end in trouble or loss if authorities decide to come at you for illegally flying a drone close to a restricted area.

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People who are looking to buy properties these days are more interested in images and videos. Drone photography helps in achieving this by adding a whole new perspective to it. Now you can take advantage of this tech by spending a few hundred dollars and make your listings more eye-catching and illustrative. Thanks for reading.

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