Dresser: The Beauty Of Every Room

Dresser: The beauty of every room – The dresser is very important piece of furniture and it can be found in any room in the house. The dresser beautifully combine functionality and esthetics and it is a part of our interiors for almost five centuries.

Design theorists still cannot decide if dresser was developed from classic chests that served for keeping household possessions, most often sheets, garments and clothing, or from drawing table, which empty space under the top was filled with closed box, with drawers or doors. In English language there is the expression ‘chest of drawers’ for this type of furniture.


The classic dresser

The dresser is a chest type furniture with 3 key elements. The chest with doors and/or drawers, legs that lift the chest up from the floor, and the top surface.
The chest can be rectangle (rarely squared in shape), flat or curved, with doors or drawers, or in combination of both. The front side was often decorated in the styles of the period, in intarsia technique or with bronze, brass or even gold details, such as knobs, handles, key holes…


Darian classic medium walnut 6-drawer dresser with mirror

The dressers often keep the secrets of the owners, with locked compartments, and they were always an inspiration for the writers of crime stories and novels. However, the dressers are much better known as the place to hold your clothing, accessories, underwear, documents…


The legs keep the chest lifted off the floor, and they were always designed in the particular way dictated by the era and style. Straight, curved, carved, decorated or simple, the legs are very important part of the design.

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The top is the horizontal surface of the dresser. From some 70-80 cm from the floor level, the top of the dresser was often served as ‘the stage’ for family shows, as the place for small, framed family pictures, the beautiful vases, table clocks or small-size sculptures and candlestick holders.


Solid wood chest dresser design with angled side panels

The contemporary dresser

The contemporary dresser is the same as before in terms of functionality, but the esthetical approach today is very different. The dressers are now ideal platform for designer’s experiments. They can play with the styles, colors and materials. The dressers now can be the mix of few different styles, legs can be changed and the whole look can be in patchwork style with each drawer in different pattern.


Contemporary dresser in kids room


Acrylic dresser as a part of contemporary living room


Lacquered mid-century Asian-inspired dresser


French Style Curved Leg Green Bone Inlay Chest of Drawer/Dresser


Painted in gold – Chrissie’s Collection

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