Dinnerware Sets Ready For Spring Entertaining

Dinnerware Sets Ready For Spring Entertaining – Time for spring and summer entertaining will be here before you know it. Home parties on the patio, cook-outs in the back yard around the grill or fire pit, birthdays, showers and family events. It will not be long before you will want to serve grilled meat and vegetables, corn on the cob, watermelon slices, iced tea and ice cream.

Do you have the right china, dinnerware and glassware?

Hunting at sales and stores now can put you ahead of the game when it comes to parties and cook outs in warm months of the year. Here are some items to look for, to add to your tableware set in time for get-togethers, picnics and tailgating:




1. Chop plates. Also called round platters, these are 12 to 14 inch diameter pieces made to accompany many dinnerware sets, for serving chops, ribs, steaks and other grilled foods. Many of these are available in the secondary marketplace, and are easy to coordinate with your existing dinnerware set.

2. Vintage cooler glasses. These are tall and narrow, and we have lots of fun with them, to serve lemonade, iced tea and other cool drinks. Fun to use with bendable straws, too. Give a vintage twist to your table setting and enjoy your favorite beverage.

3. Corn holders. Shaped dishes made to hold corn on the cob. We like these because they keep the butter and salt right where you want them, on the corn. No rolling all over the plate.

4. Ice cream dishes. Small glass sundae dishes. Wide, deep bowls for bigger ice cream treats. Or china cups for ice cream floats. Petite sized and they help you prepare desserts ahead.

5. Corelle. Many Corelle patterns seem to be made for spring gatherings, especially those on clean white backgrounds. The all-white versions are great in spring and all year round. Durable and easy to clean, this dinnerware has become a classic.

6. Glass pitchers. Great for mixing and serving big quantities of iced tea, lemonade, fruit punch and ice water. There are new ones on the market, and classic vintage versions, too.


Corelle Square Dinnerware Set


Spring Garden Dinnerware, Williams-Sonora


Melamine Dinnerware


Comical BBQ Folks corn holders


Lulu DK spring dinnerware


Moser opalescent decorated cranberry glass pitcher


Le Creuset Ice Cream Bowls, Everten


Lulu DK design

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