Dining Room: 4 Key Styles

For some of us the dining room is the most important place in the house, and its importance for family cohesion. To work however, it needs to be the one room in which the entire household can chat and discuss their lives at the same level (physically and mentally), and without the added distraction of media such as television or radio. When it comes to decorating you dining room, there are four key styles on which to focus on in order to be sure to get the right feeling for such an important area of the house.

Modern dining rooms tend to take simplicity to the next level. Neutral tones such as white and cream are well offset from lighter colored furniture, such as whites and pine if opting for wood.

Keeping a modern dining room free of clutter is of the utmost importance. However you are then at liberty to use bold primary colors such as red and blue to split the room up. Modern materials such as plastic, leather, glass, and metal can all be used to great affect.


Modern dining room

When one thinks of traditional dining rooms, it seems that they will either imagine a farmhouse or country style area, or a slightly more formal affair. To focus on the more modest traditional concept, the dining room furniture should typically be of a mid-brown color, oak for example, which can then be exemplified with the inclusion of glass cabinets to present your finest china. A more formal traditional dining room would benefit from a darker, mahogany, style furniture – and more subtle decoration.

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Traditional dining room

If you are lucky enough to live in a glamorous house, then your dining room should arguably be the centre point. Why not go all out with marble table tops and a gold chandelier? Again, glass is great if you are lucky to have big windows and a twinkling view. Accentuate this by incorporating a mirror and shiny surfaces. Ornate padded chairs will add further comfort and style, and replace the traditional style display plates with bigger pieces – i.e. vases and silverware.


Glamorous style of dining room

If you have a smaller household (or live alone and have the luxury of a dining area), it is possible to make your dining room incredibly romantic purely by interior decoration. Deep reds and whites are symbolic of romance, and candles really set the room off. Smaller wall pieces (compared to those that are glamorous and oversized) will create more intimacy in the room – and, again, if you have the view, flaunt it.


Romantic dining room


Sophisticated dining room with elegant padded chairs – this high-ceiling dining room dining room with a high ceiling gives the impression of luxury.


Beautiful cottage style dining room with floral patterned chairs and glass cabinet; an interesting look of the room gives a rustic chandelier.

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