Different Styles Of Rugs And Carpets

Different Styles Of Rugs And Carpets – Rugs and carpets are fantastic home decors in the modern society. This is also the most important reason that people use rugs nowadays.

Rugs can be placed in your living room, bedroom, washroom, door entrance and anywhere that you can imagine or can not imagine. The style of rugs and carpets is also various, rugs of different styles and shapes and material can give you different home atmosphere, and you can get the one due to your preference or the general decoration of your house.

If you like elegance and luxury, you can choose classical European style carpets. And if you want to decorate your house to a romantic and fresh garden, countryside style rug with floral pattern suits you the best. If you just want to be cool and fashionable, you can get modern concise rugs with geometrical pattern and dark colors.


Here we will have a brief introduction about some common style of rugs.

Classical European rugs

The feature of typical classic European style is achieving luxurious decorating effect by strong colors and chic vintage patterns. This kind of rugs is usually elegant and graceful, and is common to see in royal palaces and other luxurious places. Of course, if you want to live like a queen or king, you should get one.


Neo-classical European rugs

The neo-classical European style is the improved form of classical European style. The design shifts from complication to simplicity, from entirety to a certain part, added more elaborately arrangement. For one thing, neo-classical European style rugs remain the traditional fabric and the general color application, and still have the trace of traditional history and rich cultural deposit. For the other, the neo-classical European style rugs get rid of the excessively complicated patterns and decorations, simplifying the general image of the design.

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Neo-classical Aubusson needlepoint rug by Asmara

It is a fantastic combination of vintage romance and the demand of people in the modern society, luxurious elegance and modern fashion, reflecting the personalized aesthetics view points and cultural taste of post-industrial era. The colors of neo-classical European style rugs are dominated by white, gold, yellow and dark red.

North African carpets

North African carpets are those that originate from from Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. In Tunisia the manufacturing of handmade carpets began in the middle of the 19th century in the city of Kairouan. Two types of carpets occur: the ones made in Turkish style with geometrical patterns and strong colors and the ones made of none-dyed wool in different nuances.



Rugs in Kairouan, Tunisia

Carpet manufacturing in Morocco is older (about 200-300 years) with influences from many directions. As in Tunisia the newer production consists partly of carpets with borrowed Persian and Turkish patterns in strong colors.

The Egyptian carpets are often divide into three categories namely: Mamluk, Cairo and newer produced carpets. The Mamluk carpets are believed to have been made in Cairo during the Mamluk dynasty 1250-1517 and are large, with geometrical patterns in strong red, blue and green colors.


Persian rug

Persian carpets

The world famous are, of course, Persian carpets. You can use a handmade Persian carpet for covering in order to feel the endless joy, appreciate in value and smell the authenticity. Persian carpets are made by Persian Senneh knot which is a single knot. It is made by passing the woolen strand under one warp, then over and around the next. Most of the Persian carpets generally are made from 5 basic materials. Wool, cotton, silk, jute and animal hair. There are also some kind of variations of these materials. Wool woven onto cotton is most often used in a rug.

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Classical Chinese style rugs

Black and red are two main colors that the classical Chinese style rugs usually use. And as for the patterns, dragon, phoenix, turtles and lions are most popular choices, because in China, dragon, phoenix, turtles and lions stand for power, luxury and elegance.

chinese-rug chinese-rug1

Chinese rugs

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