Designing A Small Bathroom

Designing A Small Bathroom – There are a number of great design tips you can take on board to create a comfortable and spacious design with limited space in your bathroom. The first is looking for a small bathroom sink. When it comes to your smaller designs, you need to think outside of the box to maximize on floor space and you can do this with a corner sink. Rather than taking up space along the wall and leaving you with limited room to move, you can invest in a small bathroom sink that mounts on the wall in the corner of the bathroom to give you more space and enable you to move around with ease.

Use light colors in your design. You cannot expect a small bathroom sink to create a comfortable space on its own, you will want to focus on using whites and very light colors.

Stay clear of your darker colors when designing a small bathroom. Darker colors are going to make the space feel smaller than it is, while a lighter space will have a spacious feel, even if it is the smallest bathroom you have ever worked with in the past.


Use of mirrors. You can buy mirrored cabinets and other mirrors to use around the bathroom space, this will help to make the area feel considerably bigger than it is. Place the mirrors with care, always placing one above your small bathroom sink, so you can look in the mirror in the mornings as you get ready for your day. You will also want to place the mirror in a space where it will capture natural light and bounce it into the space, immediately making it feel lighter, brighter and bigger.

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Consider using a hidden cistern toilet to give you more space in the bathroom. These toilets have the water cistern hidden in the wall, so all you have in the actual bathroom space is the toilet bowl and the flushing mechanism. This can help you save considerable space and is the perfect choice when working with such a small design. You can easily fit the toilet next to your small bathroom sink without worrying that the sink is going to not fit properly because you have the toilet cistern to take into consideration.

Rather than mounting the towel rail next to the small bathroom sink on the wall, consider mounting it on the door or on the shower door. This can help you save on wall space and improve your floor space considerably.


Always try and boost your natural light, especially when it comes to a small bathroom design. Natural light will instantly brighten the space and if you have chosen light colors, it is guaranteed to make the space feel more spacious moving forward.


The last tip for designing a small bathroom is to add splashes of color. Sticking to all white, in terms of your walls, toilet, small bathroom sink and shower, you will find the space begins to feel clinical. Have some fun with pops of color which you can do with your blind and towels to add character to the space.





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