Deluxe Resort Type Garden Atmosphere Modern Residense

Previously dark suburban home, this residence transform into modern fulfilled natural light house with deluxe resort type atmosphere, especially at the expansive backyard garden. With new open structure volume, this interior house has series of layered spaces, connect each other with ceiling or and ornamental architecture as the border. At frontage garden house exterior, pergola-like volume structure with strong character design balanced by soft minimalist garden. The entrance area has double height structure and interesting atrium hall gallery equipped with louvred windows for ventilation, so the natural air easy to flow into the house.

The expansive garden in resort style equipped with swimming pool, built in daybeds, dining areas, outdoor showers and a hidden outdoor powder room, create series of indoor/outdoor living with the house building in glazed structure. Wooden planks outdoor wall and tropical plants along with massive wooden decking, concrete, stone and marble create chic modern garden. The interior basically perform in white color, enlivened with wooden décor, certain dark furnishing. Compact white open kitchen has marble finishing. Designed by Bower Architecture.

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