Decorating With Lamps In 2016

Decorating With Lamps In 2016 – A living space is just incomplete without lamps. In 2016 and beyond, it’s important to think outside the box when choosing table lamps. For one, they don’t necessarily have to match a floor lamp if the room will have both. Mixing up styles is completely acceptable and adds interest.

A popular trend is to feature a decorative mirror above a table, and place two table lamps on either side of the mirror. Then it becomes a beautiful focal point. The investment in table lamps is one that will last for many years, and they can easily be updated with a new lampshade. Here are some spots that shouldn’t go without one of these essential light fixtures.


Lamps in the living room

Perhaps the first room everyone thinks of for table lamps is the living room. After all this is where everyone gathers throughout the day. It goes without saying that the lamps should be placed by a couch or chair. That way if someone is reading, sewing, or just relaxing and needs some concentrated light they can easily reach the lamp and be accommodated.

The best part of this option is if someone is watching television and wants all the lights off for better viewing, a simple lamp will not detract from that pleasure as a ceiling fixture would. Even with a dimmer switch, ceiling lights often cast a glowing ball onto the screen of the television which can be quite annoying.

This way, the family can still enjoy time together, in the same room but pursuing different activities.

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Dressing rooms and bathrooms

Walk-in closets, dressing rooms and even bathrooms within a home sometimes call for a little extra light. Place table lamps by mirrors for a brighter view to find the perfect outfit, or near a vanity for an extra boost of light in order to apply makeup more appropriately.

Because they are so small they take up little space, especially in tight quarters. This means the dressing room or closet won’t be overtaken, but rather complemented by a nice, welcoming glow.


Lamps in the home office

Table lamps upon the desk are so perfect for doing work, especially late at night. A relaxing atmosphere for getting the job done is achieved with a handsome lamp set right near the workspace, and it’s easily accessible as well.

Not to mention, the lamp will provide direct light onto documents. A great option is a “desk light” which is a version of table lamps that has a pull chain and a domed cover. They come in several styles from metal shades and finishes, to plain and patterned shades.


Bedroom’s lamps

The perfect placement for lamps in the bedroom is right by the bed. It allows for reading that favorite book, completing crosswords or other puzzles and perhaps browsing a tablet or other device before bed.


Table lamps come in all different styles to complement any type of home décor. Many choose glass variations so they don’t detract from existing décor and seem as though they’re taking up space; if it’s a small bedroom this is a sure bet. Of course, the choice is completely up to the home owner, and there are many fun styles for kids’ rooms and adults alike.

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