Decorating A Small Loft Apartment

Decorating a small loft apartment – Every centimeter counts in decorating of the loft apartments. Check this suggestions how to organize 15 m2 of the loft space into bedroom, sitting room and study.

The popular method is to cut out small drawings of sofas, armchairs and chairs and move them on the room scheme drawn in precise measures on the paper. This is an excellent way to plan your interior. Doing this, be sure you didn’t forget to calculate the space around the furniture.

So, around each piece of paper furniture imagine space to walk, open the door or use the chair without the problems. It is crucial that all furniture is drawn in correct proportions with the size of the room scheme.

If you are in the process of creating a new image for your apartment, this suggestions will be of the great use. Playing with the paper furniture, you can better visualize the space and you may find out solutions that you couldn’t came across in any other way. And make sure that all parts of the apartment was used in the best way.





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